[Avail] SHIMANO High Speed Gear Set [75S-HGST-CNQ50/51] ]for 01 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50/51, 04 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50S/51S, 09 CARDIFF 50S DC/51S DC

[Avail] SHIMANO High Speed Gear Set [75S-HGST-CNQ50/51] ]for 01 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50/51, 04 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50S/51S, 09 CARDIFF 50S DC/51S DC

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Product Description

This product is compatible with the pinion gear and main gear of the 01 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50/51.
By installing them on reels experiencing symptoms such as deteriorated winding feel or gear slipping due to wear and tear of the original gears, improvements in these aspects can be expected.
The gear ratio of the 75S-HGST-CNQ50/51 is 6.8:1 (maximum rewind length: 64 cm) compared to the genuine 6.2:1 (maximum rewind length: 58 cm).

The main gear is constructed from ultra-light and extra super duralumin, ensuring a smooth winding feel without compromising strength compared to the original brass gear.
The replacement gears are also lighter than the original, resulting in improved sensitivity during winding.
Please refer to the notes at the bottom of this page for usage and replacement instructions.
With Avail's gear set, your 01 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50/51 can be used comfortably and longer.


Please note that this product is unsuitable for fishing that requires powerful reeling, such as spinning with the drag fully locked, or fishing that requires or continues to apply a load.


- Main Gear Material: Extra Super Duralumin
- Pinion Gear Material: Brass

- 09 CARDIFF 50S DC/51S DC

- Genuine main gear: 10.25 g
- 75S-HGST-CNQ50/51 main gear:4.0 g
- Genuine pinion gear: 2.2 g
- 75S-HGST-CNQ50/51 pinion gear: 1.8 g

*Weights may vary slightly depending on production lots.

Gear Ratio and Maximum Winding Length
- Genuine gear ratio: 6.2:1
- 75S-HGST-CNQ50/51 Gear ratio: 6.8:1
- Genuine take-up length: 58 cm
- 75S-HGST-CNQ50/51 take-up length: 64 cm

Installation Method

The gear replacement process involves opening the gearbox and swapping out parts.
There are many small parts, and the reel may not return to its normal state if any are lost, or assembly is done incorrectly.
Replacement work is the customer's responsibility, so please purchase and work on the product only if you are aware of this.
Avail does not handle genuine SHIMANO parts, so please be careful not to lose or damage genuine parts.

First, remove the spool from the main unit.

Remove the parts around the handle.

Use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove the screws circled in red.
When the spool is removed, the screw in the green circle is loose.

By removing the screw and loosening the screw, you can open the gearbox.
Be careful to keep the two springs holding the clutch yoke.

Remove the main gear shaft, clutch yoke, and other parts from the body, and replace the pinion gear and main gear.

The genuine gears could be replaced with Avail gears.
During this replacement process, degrease, clean, and apply oil or grease of your choice.
Using the reel without applying oil or grease can lead to premature wear, damage to the replacement gear, and potential damage to other parts of the reel, so please exercise caution.

Put the removed parts back in place to finish the work.

The above is the procedure for replacing the gear set.