[Avail] ABU Pinion Yoke #10229 Compatible

[Avail] ABU Pinion Yoke #10229 Compatible

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Product Description

Genuine compatible reel parts using #10229 such as ABU 1500C/2500C/2501C/3500C.
Please use it as a replacement when the genuine pinion yoke is worn out.


Basic Specifications

- Material
Stainless steel

- Weight
0.37 g (Genuine approx. 0.4 g)

- PINION YOKE Compatible Reels
ABU 1500C/2500C/2501C/3500C
Compatible with reels using #10229

How to use

When replacing the pinion yoke, proceed with the work paying attention to the "direction." Details are described below.

1. Remove the handle, side cup, etc., from the main body of the reel.

2. Remove the pinion gear and pinion yoke from the above state.

3. When installing the Avail pinion yoke, be careful of the orientation of the pinion yoke.
The red circle (sloped part) in the above figure is the spool part.

4. The smooth side of the pinion yoke is the pinion bushing side.

5. Return the pinion gear and pinion yoke to their original positions to complete the replacement work.
Note that if the pinion yoke is not oriented correctly, the press arm cannot push in properly, and the spool will not be free.
If the press arm cannot be pressed in properly, please go back to the first step and check the orientation of the pinion yoke again.