[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool 22BTM18R, 22BTM33R, 22BTM58R for 22 Bantam

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool 22BTM18R, 22BTM33R, 22BTM58R for 22 Bantam

Our Selling Price: US$100.10 [Regular Price: US$143.00]



22BTM18R Black

22BTM18R Gunmetal

22BTM33R Black

22BTM33R Gunmetal

22BTM58R Black

22BTM58R Gunmetal


Microcast Spool 22BTM18R
Main Targets: Streams, Light Salt
By replacing the genuine spool, it can handle lightweight lures such as 2g spoons, spinners, and lightweight lures for Aging (Horse mackerel).

Microcast Spool 22BTM33R
Main Targets: Bass (PowerBait Finesse)
22BTM33R has a line capacity of 80m reel of 10lb fluorocarbon.
The 22 Bantam's robustness and reeling performance keeps it from handing over the initiative to fish lurking in cover.

Microcast Spool 22BTM58R
Main Targets: Bass (light versatile), Seabass
The deep groove type 22BTM58R is designed to be used with 1/4 oz-1/2 oz size crankbaits and spinnerbaits.
The 22BTM58R is designed to be used with slightly lighter spools than the genuine spool.
When using PE line, it can reel approximately 130m of No.2 line, so it is recommended for salt game such as sea bass fishing.


Spool part: Super duralumin (colored by anodizing)
Shaft: Super duralumin (hard anodized)

Main size
22BTM18R (Groove depth 1.8mm)
22BTM33R (Groove depth: 3.3mm)
22BTM58R (Groove depth 5.8mm)
Avail spool mounted bearing size: 11mmx5mmx4mm
(Genuine spool bearing size: 11mmx5mmx4mm)

22 Bantam R, L
22 Bantam HG R, L
22 Bantam XG R, L


Spool/Weight/Weight ratio
Microcast Spool 22BTM18R/7.4g/61.2%

Microcast Spool 22BTM33R/7.8g/64.5%

Microcast Spool 22BTM58R/8.8g/68.2%

22 Bantam genuine spool/12.09g/-

Weight may vary slightly depending on the production lot.
Both genuine and our spools were measured without SVS.
Weight includes ball bearings.

Line Capacity

Microcast Spool 22BTM18R
4Lb/100m, 6Lb/60m, 8Lb/50m

Microcast Spool 22BTM33R
8Lb/100m, 10Lb/80m, 12Lb/66m

Microcast Spool 22BTM58R
12Lb/100m, 14Lb/85m, 16Lb75m

Genuine Spool
12Lb/120m, 14Lb/102m, 16Lb/90m, 20Lb/72m

Measurements were taken using fluorocarbon line (FluorovaluStar) from Yamaho Tegus Co.

SVS Infinity Transplant Method

When removing the SVS infinity of the 22Bantam, use the puller SVS Infinity (6 point), sold separately.
The method of porting is explained in the puller for SHIMANO NEW SVS INFINITY compatible with 21 CALCUTTA CONQUEST.
For information on how to transplant, please click here.
* We are currently preparing a transplant method for 22 Bantam.

Precautions for use

* If you feather the reel with your thumb using the spool rim, the alumite may come off due to friction.
Feather a reel with your a thumb, use the spool's spool surface.
When winding a stretchy line such as nylon line, in particular, please use a looser tension.
Although the bearings are coated with rust-preventive grease at the time of shipment, please degrease, clean, and lubricate them before use.