[Avail] Hook Keeper A Type (Exclusive for Avail Sidecup Nut Set (sold separately))

[Avail] Hook Keeper A Type (Exclusive for Avail Sidecup Nut Set (sold separately))

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How to use

This is an exclusive product for the Avail side cup nut set (sold separately).

Installation example 1500C

A hook keeper attached to the reel body (handle side).
To install, remove the side cup nut.
After that, put it back in the side cup with FOOK_KEEPER_A attached.


ABU Ambassadeur
1500C, 1500CI, 1500C IAR, 1500CA Limited, 1500CDL
1600C, 1601C, 150PLUS
2500C, 2500CI, 2500C IAR, 2500CS Rocket, 2500CDL
2600C, 2600C Elite, 2601C, 2601C Elite
3500C, 3500C IAR, 3500CS Rocket, 3500CA Limited

When installing, it is necessary to replace it with the separately sold side cup nut set for ABU 2500C.
The tip of the genuine nut is processed into a trumpet shape so that it will not come off, but you can use the genuine nut by removing it properly.
However, the trumpet-shaped shape cannot be restored, so be careful not to lose it due to dropping when removing it.

Precautions when mounting

Only the side cup nut on the handle side is suitable.
It cannot be installed on the palming side because the shape of the nut is different.
When mounted, mounting marks may remain on the reel body.