[SHIMANO] 19 STELLA SW Spare Spool

[SHIMANO] 19 STELLA SW Spare Spool

Our Selling Price: US$190.30 - US$366.30

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Product concept

(Shimano genuine product )

19 Stella SW for large fish off-shore, renewed in 2019 and newly released.

The products on this page are genuine Stella SW spools.

I hope you can use it as a spare spool for replacement when the spool body is scratched or for winding a line with a different number.

Quantity: 1 piece

Spool size and line capacity

●Spool product number: 4000HG
· Nylon thread winding amount (No. -m): 3.5-170,4-150,5-125
• [PE (No. -m)]: 3.5- 170,4-150,5-125

●Spool product number: 4000XG
, nylon thread winding amount (No.-m): 3.5-170,4-150,5-125
, [PE (No.-m)]: 1-490,1.5 -320,2-240

●Spool product number: 5000HG
・Nylon thread winding amount (No.-m): 4-200,5-150,6-130
・[PE (No.-m)]: 2-350,3-240, 4-170

● spool part number: 5000XG
· nylon winding amount (No. -m): 4-200,5-150,6-130
· [PE (No. -m)]: 2-350,3-240,4-170

●Spool product number: 6000PG
, nylon spool amount (No.-m): 4-240,5-190,6-160
・[PE (No.-m)]: 2-440,3-300,4-210

●Spool product number: 6000HG
・Nylon thread winding amount (No.-m): 4-240,5-190,6-160
・[PE (No.-m)]: 2-440,3-300,4-210

●Spool part number: 6000XG
・nylon thread winding amount (No.-m): 4-240,5-190,6-160
・[PE (No.- m m)]: 2-440,3-300,4-210

●Spool part number: 8000PG
・[PE (No.-m)]: 3-410, 4-300, 5-250
・PE spool. Please refrain from using the nylon line.

●Spool product number: 8000HG
・[PE (No. -m)]: 3-410, 4-300, 5-250
・PE spool. Please refrain from using the nylon line.

●Spool product number: 10000PG
・Nylon thread winding amount (No.-m): 6-300,8-210,10-160
・[PE (No.-m)]: 4-400,5-300 ,6-250

●Spool product number: 14000XG
, nylon spool amount (No.-m): 10-195,12-155,14-140
, [PE (No.-m)]: 6-300,8-200,10- 165

●Spool product number: 14000PG
・nylon spool amount (No.-m): 10-195,12-155,14-140
・[PE (No.-m)]: 6-300,8-200,10-165

●Spool product number: 18000HG
・Nylon thread winding amount (No.-m): 10-310,12-240,14-200
・[PE (No.-m)]: 5-500,6-400,8-300

●Spool product number: 20000PG
・Nylon thread winding amount (No.-m): 10-350,14-240,18-190
・[PE ( No.- m)]: 5-600,6-500,8-350

●Spool product number: 30000
・Nylon thread winding amount (No.-m): 14-400,18-300
・[PE (No.-m)]: 8-600 ,10-475,12-375

Spool sample image