[Daiwa] 18 GEKKABIJIN MX(月下美人 MX) LT Spool

[Daiwa] 18 GEKKABIJIN MX(月下美人 MX) LT Spool

Our Selling Price: US$95.70


◆Product concept

(Daiwa genuine)

on the market as Ajingu for a spinning reel equipped with a LT concept in 2018 was 18 EPIPHYLLUM OXYPETALUM MX LT.

Products of this page is the genuine spool of 18 EPIPHYLLUM OXYPETALUM MX LT.

I think that if you can use as a spare spool for previously wrap a replacement or a different issue number of the line when the wound is attached to the spool body.

Quantity: 1 pcs

★ purchase privilege ★

special benefits only if you have purchased in the HEDGEHOG STUDIO!

If you will purchase a genuine spool in the EC site that hedgehog studio operated, one convenient hedgehog studio made spool case in the protection and storage of the spool gift!

◆Spool size and line capacity

spool part number: LT1000S-P
- [nylon (lb-m)]: 2.5-100
- [PE (No. -m)]: 0.3-200

spool part number: LT2000S
- [nylon (lb- m)]: 4-100
- [PE (No. -m)]: 0.4-200

spool part number: LT2000S-P
- [nylon (lb-m)]: 4-100
- [PE (No. -m)]: 0.4-200