[KAKEDZUKA DESIGN WORKS] Titanium Alloy Handle Lock Bolt STZ for DAIWA (KDW-004)

[KAKEDZUKA DESIGN WORKS] Titanium Alloy Handle Lock Bolt STZ for DAIWA (KDW-004)

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■ Product Description

This is light and tough titanium alloy handle lock bolt useful for DAIWA bait-casting reels.
There are two types which are differnt in height.

"Long type" on the left / "Standard type" on the right

■ Long Type for Studio Composite handles

was specially designed in order to than usual, such as studio composite corresponding to the thick handle.
To increase the height of the nut than conventional, by securing a lot of jump out the side from the steering wheel, it has to allow tightening of the nut firmly wrench.
In addition, because of the robust nut than made of duralumin, it will screw prevent disconnection of the nut in power fight, such as Gori wound.

This is an example of mounting a standard nut to studio composite of the handle are included.
In the case of the studio composite thick handle, it is because only the side portion of the nut is a little does not pop out from the handle, difficult to write tighten the nut with a wrench.

If you use a dedicated long nut, it will pop out just good height of the side, firmly can be tightening with a wrench.

■ Standard type for standard handles

design, is almost the same as the handle lock bolt STZ of HEDGEHOG STUDIO, it began to cut the material in the titanium alloy 64.

In the case of studio composite other than the handle, people here of the standard type is recommended to clean it looks.