[Avail] Handle Nut M7 (for Shimano genuine handle) *Compatible with latest models

[Avail] Handle Nut M7 (for Shimano genuine handle) *Compatible with latest models

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◆ product introduction

is the aluminum handle nut for Shimano genuine handle.

Size in the handle nut for Shimano genuine handle is M7.
No. 300 or more of the reel will be M8 size so it's incompatible.
Since the screw is there left and right, please check.
Right handle right-hand thread, the left handle will be on the left screw (reverse screw).

Gun Metal, Red, purple, sky blue, champagne gold, six colors of chromium.
How is it to dress up of genuine handle?
※ There is a model that can not be attached depending on the model of the reel.

◆ color variations

│ Shimano genuine handle for the handle nut M7







◆ spec

│ basic specifications

aluminum alloy (A2017)

(key size)
nut Size: Width across flats 10mm
screw diameter: M7

(by weight) of
about 0.8 G

(fit reel)
18 Aldebaran MGL
18 Bantam MGL
17 Kuronaku MGL
17 Calcutta Conquest BFS
17 Scorpion BFS
17 Scorpion 100 DC
16 Metaniumu MGL
16 Aldebaran BFS
16 Scorpion 70
15 Aldebaran 50
15 Aldebaran BFS XG Limited
15 clad 200
14 Scorpion 200
14 Bureniasu
12 Aix sense DC
12 Aldebaran BFS XG
11 Scorpion DC
10 Scorpion XT1000
09 Aldebaran Mg
08 Metaniumu MgDC
05 Calcutta 50, 100, 200
right-hand thread corresponds to the reel of the right handle.
Left-hand thread corresponds to the reel of the left handle.

18 Basuraizu
17 Basuwan XT
16 Casitas MGL
15 Metaniumu DC
15 Calcutta Conquest 100HG, 200HG
14 Calcutta Conquest 100, 200
14 Kuronaku CI4 Tasu
13 Metaniumu
※ 12 Antares
(attachment itself is a possible, but removal of the retainer will be difficult)
12 Calcutta Series
09 Scorpion XT1500
07 Metaniumu Mg
05 Metaniumu XT
Antares AR

※ reel not listed in the table above is the model you're not fit confirmation.
The company made offset handle STi2 can be installed, but because of the hexagonal part is short design, easy to damage the edge portion, not recommended.
The offset handle STi2 Please use an aluminum handle nut M7.

There is no hole that such retainer to the nut head comes out of the photo, it does not conform to the nut donut-shaped handle.
(Photo Casitas MGL genuine handle)

Shimano photo of handle is compatible models.
From the top
-18 Bantam MGL
-17 Kuronaku MGL
-16 Aldebaran BFS