[Avail] Abu Microcast Spool [AMB5050R-AL] for Ambassadeur 5000AL/5600AL [5000AL, 5500C Palming (OA sticker model), 5500C Synchro (EF sticker model), 5500 Striper (click with model)]

[Avail] Abu Microcast Spool [AMB5050R-AL] for Ambassadeur 5000AL/5600AL [5000AL, 5500C Palming (OA sticker model), 5500C Synchro (EF sticker model), 5500 Striper (click with model)]

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Microcast Spool AMB5050R-AL (Spool rim level: 5.0mm)

Product Description

Reel: ABU Ambassadeur 5000AL (820600)

Reel: ABU Ambassadeur 5500C Palming (84-2 87-88)

This spool fits Ambassadeur 5000AL and some 5600AL.
Please check the "Compatible Models" column in the middle of this page for detailed information on compatible models.

By reducing the weight of the spool and the amount of spooled thread, the overall weight of the spool can be significantly reduced.
It greatly improves the minimum castable lure weight and increases the lure's casting distance at the same weight.







Basic Specifications

- Material
Spool part: Super duralumin (colored by anodizing)
Shaft part: Stainless steel

- Compatible reels
Ambassadeur 5000AL
Some models of Ambassadeur 5500C Palming
Some models of Ambassadeur 5600AL
Ambassadeur 5500 Striper
(Model with clicker, black large-diameter drag)
Ambassadeur 5500C Synchro (EF Sticker) and other reels with genuine spool part number: 975025
*Some 5600AL models and 5500 Striper models without clicker are incompatible
(Different models are available.)
*ULTRACAST is compatible with 5500C Synchro reels with OA stickers and some 5500C Palming reels.
*Please check the spool shaft photo in the "Compatible Models" column carefully.

- Accessories

A C-ring for fixing the cogwheel is included.

- Weight
Weight does not include cogwheel, brake block and other parts.

Spool/Weight/Weight ratio to genuine
Microcast Spool AMB5050R-AL/14.5g/62.0%
Genuine spool 5000AL (820600)/23.4g/-

Weight may vary slightly depending on the production lot.

Line Capacity

(MicrocastSpool AMB5050R-AL)
12lb φ0.285mm 110m
14lb φ0.310mm 90m
16lb φ0.330mm 70m

The above values are measured with Yamatoyo Tegusu Co., Ltd. nylon line (Versatile Design) wound up to the C surface of the spool.


This Microcast Spool is compatible with Ambassadeur 5000AL, part of 5500C Palming *1, 5500C Synchro (EF sticker)*2, part of 5600AL *3, part of 5500 Striper *4, etc.
*1 5500C Palming is also present in some individuals for which ULTRACAST is compatible.
In addition, the genuine star drag for the model to which it conforms is a black 4-prong star drag.
*2 ULTRACAST is compatible with 5500C synchro (OA sticker).
*3 Some 5600ALs are not compatible with this spool.
The spool shaft does not have a step at the end of the handle side and is straight.
Please be sure to check the shape of the spool shaft, as it does not matter what year it is.
*4 5500 Striper is compatible with or without a clicker function.
This spool is compatible with the type with a clicker.
Please contact us for the incompatible models in *3 and *4.

The compatible Ambassadeur 5000AL is a red reel with bronze bushings, Palming cups, and high-speed gears, and the 5600AL is its thumb bar model.

Fits reels with spool shafts of the shape shown in the photo.
The spool on the left side has the cogwheel removed.
Remove the cogwheel and check the shape of the part that will be hidden.

The left is a conforming spool shaft and the right is a non-conforming spool shaft.


Remove the cogwheel from the genuine spool, then port it to the Microcast Spool and secure it with the supplied C-ring.

How to remove the cogwheel

Remove the cogwheel from the genuine spool and transplant it to the microcast spool.
The cogwheel of this model is secured by a press fit.
To prevent damage or scratches to the spool, please remove the spool in the following manner.

1. Prepare a 1 mm diameter octopus thread and thread it through the gap in the cogwheel of the genuine spool.

2. Pull it out once and pass it through the gap in the cogwheel again.

3. Tie the threaded yarn into a loop using a train knot or similar method.

4. By tying, two loops are formed, and a screwdriver or similar tool is passed through the two loops.
If you do it with your fingers, please prepare a stick-shaped object, as it will bite and hurt.

5. Pull the cogwheel off the spool.

6. It came off safely.
Please be careful not to lose the cogwheel, as it may jump when removed.

7. Attach the removed cogwheel to the microcast spool and secure it with the supplied C-ring.

Thumbing with the spool rim may cause the anodized aluminum to peel off due to friction.
Thumbing should be done on the line winding surface of the spool.