[DAIWA genuine product] 15 EMERALDAS AIR 2508PE Spare Spool

[DAIWA genuine product] 15 EMERALDAS AIR 2508PE Spare Spool

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◆ Product concept

(Daiwa genuine)

Is Egingu Emeraldas brand highest peak reel 15 genuine spool for EMERALDAS AIR 2508PE, which has been developed as a dedicated reel.

Equipped with ATD is a state-of-the-art 2017 current.

As a spare at the time of fishing, as a reserve in case of emergency, please use it in your applications, such as using the PE line of a different issue number.

Our original spool case also included.


・line capacity correspondence table, each spool

Part No. Line capacity
2508PE 0.6-190
2508PE-H 0.6-190
2508PE-DH 0.6-190
2508PE-H-DH 0.6-190

◆ Compatible models

(2508PE, 2508PE-DH, 2508PE-H, 2508PE-H-DH)

◆ purchase privilege

HEDGEHOG STUDIO only of special offers !!

Spool case 50S Daiwa: No.2500-2508

Now, if you will purchase a genuine spool at the hedgehog studio, hedgehog studio made spool case the entitled to one gift!

◆ Bearing tuning

You will be able to further improve the drag performance by replacing the metal washer that is mounted in the spool to HEDGEHOG STUDIO bearing.

(Fit bearing size here)

> SHG-1170 Or HRCB-1170Hi