[Studio Composite] Carbon Tube EVA Knob (1 piece included)

[Studio Composite] Carbon Tube EVA Knob <R25L, R27XL, R29XL> (1 piece included)

Our Selling Price: US$38.88



The new design carbon steel tube of the model used for the inner pipe.
Carbon material may be made, high rigidity and high sensitivity,
due to a large non-slip EVA material, excellent grip,
handle knob that specializes in power fight with the big fish.

(Fit handle)

Daiwa S knob corresponding
Shimano A knob corresponding

※ spinning reel (No. 1000 to 4000) of the standard size, it can be mounted to the bait reel for black bass.

※ offshore dedicated reel, such as Sorutiga Stella SW · Oshiajiga will be not be compatible.