[SHIMANO / Yumeya] 18 STELLA Handle Knob Paddle S *HKRB

[SHIMANO / Yumeya] 18 STELLA Handle Knob Paddle S *HKRB

Our Selling Price: US$27.50


◆ Product Concept

(SHIMANO genuine product)

It becomes an I type handle knob equipped in Shimano 18 stellar genuine handle.

The material of the handle knob is made of rubber, but we have a complex structure that is different machining of the surface with a knob cap side and the handle side.

Plane side where the finger touches has a difficult impression to slip if there is a moderate roughness, knob side has become a touch that was slippery to reverse.

Further, unlike the shape conventional type I type knob body, it has a unique shape which width is narrowed as going to the handle-side.

Quantity : 1
Weight : 4.52g (measured in accordance with the steering wheel knob + knob cap)
Length : 36.7mm(including handle knob cap)
Maximum diameter : 14.1mm

◆ Compatibility

SHIMANO Handle knob A Type

・ SHIMANO bait-casting reel (most model)
・ SHIMANO spinning reel (no.1000-4000)
・ Avail
・ Studio Composite