[DAIWA genuine product] RCS High-Grip T-Shaped Handle Knob HKRB

[DAIWA genuine product] RCS High-Grip T-Shaped Handle Knob HKRB

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◆ Product Concept

(DAIWA genuine product)

A fresh design, high-grip processing to handle knob surface has been subjected to "high grip T shape knob".

Compared to the conventional T-type knob, has become knob cap side is a little thick, coupled with non-slip surface treatment, is characterized by becomes easier to gripping.

It is also recommended for saltwater fishing, such as sea bass fishing.

Quantity : 1

Weight : 5.43g (Measured in accordance with the steering wheel knob + knob cap)
Length : 38.5mm(Including handle knob cap)

Maximum width : 41.8mm
Maximum thick : 15.1mm

・handle knob cap×1
・Adjust washer×2
・Remove handle knob cap pin×1

※ Because it does not include bearing in goods, separately bearing the mounting (740ZZ size) will be two necessary

◆ Compatibility

DAIWA Handle knob S Type

Compared to High-Grip T-Shaped Handle Knob Large

Left High-Grip T-Shaped Handle Knob Large, will be right in the High-Grip T-Shaped Handle Knob .

We can see that more of the large type is more handle area have been taken widely.