[DAIWA genuine product] RCS High-Grip T-Shaped Handle Knob Large HKRB

[DAIWA genuine product] RCS High-Grip T-Shaped Handle Knob Large HKRB

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◆ Product Concept

(DAIWA genuine product)

In much the same design as the high grip T shape knob which became the new release, which is large by for power fishing "high grip T shape knob large".

As it is a little thick Yi design and non-slip surface processing of the knob cap side, the part that attach the hand to be easier to grip it has been increased in size.

The size of the hand is also recommended for larger than average.

Sea bass fishing in the bay, of course, fishing and by boat, should be able to demonstrate the power to Hirasuzuki in Iso.

Quantity : 1

Weight : 8.96g (Measured in accordance with the steering wheel knob + knob cap)
Length : 47.6mm(Including handle knob cap)

Maximum width : 47.9mm
Maximum thick : 17.1mm

・handle knob cap×1
・Adjust washer×2
・Remove handle knob cap pin×1

※ because it does not include bearing in goods, separately bearing the mounting (740ZZ size) will be two necessary

◆ Compatibility

DAIWA Handle knob S Type

Compared to High-Grip T-Shaped Handle Knob

Left High-Grip T-Shaped Handle Knob Large, will be right in the High-Grip T-Shaped Handle Knob .

We can see that more of the large type is more handle area have been taken widely.