[IOS Factory] S-System (for shimano)

[IOS Factory] S-System (for shimano)

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Is intact drag characteristics of smooth Shimano reel, the drag unit custom parts to allow for hooking crisp Tame is the IOS S-system.

Resulting in an aluminum integral cutting machine housing, accurate spool rotates, rather unstable resin color surface pressure spool, the concept of receiving a high-precision bearings, always maintain a constant surface pressure of the drag felt, the drag force to increase the stability, enhance Tame to drag characteristics, it can be reduced to the minimum necessary to leave the drag linearly in accordance with the tension.

Only a smooth has not been caught, around the structure fish and during the long cast of hooking, and, to demonstrate the evolution in the power game in the thick hook.
The tone of the drag be refined, minced pitch to such an extent that does not impair the drag performance, seems more precision equipment treble, fine-tune the sound with a strong presence in the texture.
In addition, comes with the adjustment shims to taper winding uneven measures of the spool, it will correspond to various reel.

Installation example

│ target reel

07/10/14/18 Stella and 19 Shimano reel 1000 series such as van quiche ~C3000 series core protected whether or not all of the reel.

12-19 Van quiche 1000~C3000
11〜17 twin power 1000~C3000
Sutra Dick 1000~C3000 (CI4 including) and many

│ careful

about the 4000 series more reel Shimano, line interferes with the arm cam (line roller arm) There are things that do not fit.
I am sorry I put you the inconvenience to customers.
Please contact us if the details fit and problems occur. We will respond quickly.
However, it will Shimano 5000 series or higher is supported.

│ shipped goods
Ssystem body, only a stainless steel bearing, mounting tool
various adjustment shim, a dedicated fixed ring, mounting instructions (package described)

│ Attention
-Ssystem can not spool reversal.
Due to the combination part and Shimano conventional rigid support system, because it does not become a design that originally reversed, unreasonable reversal Please note that early wear of the system body.

• When you are looking for, please wearing what was sure to reel.
If the size does not fit, not only does not exhibit the performance, there is a risk that can not be mounted in the worst case.

│S- Mounting system

and preparation
to mitigate the winding irregularity of the line by the S-system mounting, remember the position of the spool and the rotor, and holding the reels against rotation the rotor until confirmation after mounting S-system deep.

Remove the spool from the first reel body.

Is fixed two genuine spool received, the set screw of hexagonal bolts, removed in hexagonal driver of accessories, you want only the main shaft.

3 S-system of the body, bearing, washer (2.0 / 1.0 / 0.5 / 0.3) and decomposes mm, 0 ring.

4 S-system body only of, inserted into the main shaft again, in a special tool, insert the hexagonal bolts of the set screw, and firmly fixed to the shaft.

5 Optionally, set the standard of 1mm washer.
  The exact curling adjustment, in the S-system after mounting of the spool, please go in the increase or decrease of the washer.

6 more the in the bottom of the bearing outer ring large, and set.

7 from the top, which was set the bearing, and then set the O-ring.

8 to set the re-spool to the main shaft, tighten until tighten lightly Doragunobu, to secure the spool.

Check the winding unevenness of the 9 line, depending on the degree of reverse taper or quasi-taper, do the fine-tuning with the attached adjustment washer.

│S-system for daily maintenance

intended to 1 prepared
IOS-02, IOS Giagurisu

to 2 S-System of bearings, applying the IOS-02 oil.

Such as the 3 toothbrush takes thin Giagurisu.

4 evenly applied to the S-System body.
In particular, careful to the spline portion and the back.

5 during the washing after the use of Salt also, always pouring the S-System body, after drying After washing out, please perform the same maintenance.

│ about customizing the adjustment of the drag sound

※ Usually, you do not need adjustment.

Normally, in a state in which wearing the S- system, the drag sound but have been adjusted to the pleasant sound, follow the steps below, you can also adjust the intensity of the drag sound to your liking.

And preparation
Remove the spool, Stella, etc., that there is a back cover and leave to remove in advance.

If you want to reduce the 1 drag sound

in the driver attached, it will pick up the spring.
With pliers, etc., bending the spring to the lower side.
Again, and set to the original position of the spring, make sure that the drag sound is reduced.

If you want to increase the second drag sound 

in the driver attached, it will pick up the spring. 
With pliers, etc., bending the spring to the upper side.
Again, and set to the original position of the spring, make sure that the drag sound is larger.

◎ developers column

"Shimano S over System"

Speaking of Stella of drag, crying child also shut up, is the drag of the world's highest peak, which may and not say, how to seasoned doing such a drag, a large number to be in the member voice that there were.

The choices are two, or not to smooth drag than ever before, or, or? Put out a more IOS likeness at all to change the drag characteristics

think on experience, my own, But smooth do I asked a little more Tame Na, and it was there certainly many.
In particular, when to hit in the vicinity of the structure, running is to be wound to the root, and also experience of line break.
After all, than the drag of slurping, even while fullest twist Tame, Is not there also drag out to a minimum when you leave, will be called, I began messing around with genuine unit and Arekore with a light feeling.

However, in any way this way, without stable rotation of and Toragu begins to slip spool, partially caught, the same or does not become a little more somehow also drag sound, that there was even voice.
Theoretically, an aluminum one piece Boti, if put out Morimori rigidity feeling, surface pressure of the spool is also stable, the operation of the drag is also thought that it would be accurate out.
Neck, that spline, the wavefront of the precision of jagged, such as a gear, take a huge cost.
At present, It did not have complaints against the drag performance, while processing a number of projects associated with other product development, unawares, S over the project of S over System is to become a fading-out, I did not go to think System.

Opportunity is, but when I went to a gear shop.
There is, world champion of the radio-controlled boundaries, developed a gear for the radio control to be used, with the manufacturer that manufactures, if you use this gear, I thought I think we better be the drag of sound.
Immediately, manufacturers have been sent a what pattern of proto.

Aluminum machine cut the housing, the spool more, rotation satisfactory increases rigidity.
Well, whether or not the drag characteristics? This was supposed to Damedame a drag characteristics.
Although the initial what there is Tame, When the spool is out slip, resulting in a rotation so that at once accelerated.
This is not a fishing far from the, selected from the size change of the washer of the bearing, the main unit daily, continuous verification work with the daily specification change.
Or installed in the drag felt even two places, I think we poor polar bear grease is being caught, I thought Tomo

and have this kind of work, in the same way twist Buster of Daiwa, the how those manufacturers of development is wonderful, I know with himself.
I do not think only that makes all interest maturity of height, though, are those small Arinko such that confront the big giant.
Of course if rightly say, literally, it was followed as usual groping in the dark.

When are crazy about one thing, those around said the well is not visible, but also my own, there is also impatience of feelings, I thought also whether not it what useless now.
But, to cool his head, I tried to think is a little calm.
In bad source, how do not you try the same theory and DSystem, and I thought.
Feel very best, little has been seen hope.

Immediately, it was the real fishing in the field.
It was Niyani alone.
Firmly it can hooking with a light flip, if Hashire fish, smoothly to the minimum necessary, and drag comes into linear.
This drag is not Desugi is, seems really IOS.
But if from the likes smooth drag user, I'm sure, the claim is no doubt, in the karaoke scoring machine, if genuine of the drag is that it is 100-point scale of the drag ideal, perhaps S over System will below 50 points.

However, speaking in Miyujishan, as Kiyoshiro Imawano, I do not decorated, there is the impact of intense soul-stirring I asked once.
It sings beautifully well of is not a song, and the overwhelming presence of much as to say.
Fishing is not a machine, to something that human beings are creatures's opponent.
Not caught until now the fish is, if we are caught in S over System, I think we mean is to use this drag, and I thought.

Now, when are Zuke use the S over System of proto, I heard a voice called from the monitor, going up somehow sensitivity.
Massacre, and when I thought to try than, the movement of certainly lure, I felt transmitted to more clearly.
Why, as I thought.
The over only information transfer from water is a line, the vibration of the line, to tell at hand without how degradation is thought to lead to increased sensitivity.
It yea rod, but vice guides of different same conditions only, only this S over System, the firmly fastened to the aluminum housing to the main shaft, further, the spool fits with Athletic, vibration of the line on the spool also it resonates, results were considered through the main shaft, also transferred to the reel body and the handle.
No way, but did not expect to go up to retrieve sensitivity, from some users to use the DSystem, from time to time because we heard such a voice, I thought it was very interesting benefits.

From the acquaintance of the user, there is a certain yo please sell anymore, even ardent of demand.
However, honesty most stick, was lingering in more drag performance just maybe is a drag sound.

S over System of Proto, became to those performance precisely satisfactory, the sound is muddy sound like a frog that was disgusting.
Fishing, but some people that the performance is the best, on the other hand, some people that like to have the drag sound is pleasant.
Then, it was found that you are up to the person as possible says, it will drag sound than the performance, and.

A typical is the roar drag, because I like crunchy and loud sound, it's not 's Shimano Some people called to Daiwa.
It's just, the added value of the sound was thinking large.
Honest, this was not lightly look at because sound is the sound is not pleasant.

Interestingly, a number of users, and to hear a particular sound, a particular sound was higher majority popular.
It is, though it is lightly fine pitch of the drag is, in the pitch of slightly higher, reverberation has been found that it is sound that is not dragged in as bicycle bell.

Aluminum, originally soft and material, become to sound like the sound is muffled bad.
It, hollowed housing body as a bell, redesigned to resonate.
I wish I Remarks also jagged spline, it said something about beauty and functionality, I wanted to really put a slit, a appearance to like think the lattice door of Kyoto.
A series of still of the derailment, is often changed the tone of the sound, plagued the head of the development.

However, the durability of the spline by aluminum, a high-speed router of 14,000 / min, clear the durability test of one minute.
Is a level no problem in a normal rotation range of the drag, that knock down but rather, whether the metal each other adapt to, pleasant taste was also found that out the sound.

Is a drag sound of, and try to a lot of trial and error, the sound of genuine, arrive that it is the sound that makes sense.
And increasing the number of the pitch of the spline finer eyes, was also found to be a sound that was cloudy that Bee rather than Chile Chile ....
Genuine coarse splines, to an effect of striking a tightly ratchet, are reduced as much as possible the rotation resistance of the spool, a drag made good.

IOS also, it has been see the ideal of sound vaguely.
It, the pitch is Me fine, the pitch is increased, Stella seems sound volume with there is no presence smaller without large, and that leaves a light lingering, but it is very abstract image, certainly, such a sound listening to, comfortable with visceral.

It can have is to know, and wonder if there is a limit in aluminum, a material also or in brass, and was also in stainless too heavy NG.
We decided to go with the original aluminum.
And, A to desperate feeling middle, the body thickness of Rumi of housing, yelling cut up to 0.5mm of strength limit.
By doing this, the aluminum of the unit, was as if the hope that resounds in resonance as a bell.
The results are very best, even the van quiche, such as you have never heard until now, was changed to a pleasant timbre.

Has now become, members together, are drunk in a pleasant tone.
Reel object, believed to number 1000? 2500, C3000 No. class, from the management fishing bus, and such as sea bass from the light salt.
Reel, 10 Stella and later Stella series, new and old van quiche series, NEW twin power and the like.
Once addictive I use, it is the S-System.