[IOS Factory] S-System (for SHIMANO) *SDSY

[IOS Factory] S-System (for SHIMANO) *SDSY

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The IOS S-system is a drag unit and custom parts that enable hooking with greater hooking power while maintaining the smooth drag characteristics of Shimano reels.

The concept of a high-precision spool rotation and a high-precision bearing, instead of a resin collar with unstable surface pressure, which is brought about by the one-piece aluminum machine-cut housing, is a key element in the development of the new drag system. The concept of the spool being supported by a high-precision bearing, rather than a resin collar with unstable surface pressure, ensures that the surface pressure of the drag felt is always maintained at a constant level, increasing the stability of drag operation and enhancing drag characteristics, and minimizing drag output linearly in accordance with tension. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

It is also effective for hooking fish around structure and on long casts, and for power game with large hooks, which cannot be caught with just a smooth hook.
The tone of the drag has also been refined and fine-tuned to a more precision instrument-like high pitch and presence with texture, with a finely tuned pitch that does not detract from the drag performance.
In addition, an adjustment shim is included to prevent uneven taper winding of the spool, making it compatible with a variety of reels.

Mounting example

│Being careful

For Shimano reels 4000 and above, there are some reels that do not fit because the line interferes with the arm cam (line roller arm).
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please contact us for further information on the details of the fitment and any problems that may arise. We will respond as soon as possible.
However, Shimano 5000 and above will not be supported.

│Included thing
S-system main unit, special stainless steel bearing, mounting tool
Various adjustment shims, dedicated fixing rings, installation instructions (described in the package)

│Being careful
・S-system is not spool reversible.
Since the S-ystem is partially used in conjunction with Shimano's conventional rigid support system, it is not originally designed to reverse, so please be careful not to reverse the system forcibly, as this will accelerate wear of the S-ystem itself.

・When purchasing, please be sure to install the correct one for your reel.
If the size does not match, not only will the product not perform well, but in the worst case, it may not be able to be installed.

│How to install the S-System

To reduce uneven winding of the line due to the installation of the S-system, remember the position of the spool and rotor, and hold the reel so that the rotor does not rotate until after the S-system is installed and checked.

1 Remove the spool from the reel body.

2 Remove the hexagonal bolt set screw that holds the stock spool holder in place with the hexagonal screwdriver provided, leaving only the main shaft.

3 Disassemble the S-system into the body, bearing, washer (2.0/1.0/0.5/0.3)mm, and 0 ring.

4 Insert only the main body of the S-system into the main shaft again, and using the special tool, insert the hexagonal bolt of the set screw and fix it firmly to the shaft.

5 Optionally, set a standard 1 mm washer.
  For strict winding adjustment, increase or decrease the number of washers on the spool after the S-system is installed.

6 Set the bearing with the larger outer ring down.

7 Set the 0 ring on top of the bearing set.

8 Set the spool on the main shaft again and tighten the drag knob until it is lightly tightened to secure the spool.

9  Check for uneven winding of the line, and make fine adjustments with the included adjustment washers according to the degree of reverse taper or quasi-taper.

│S-system Daily maintenance

1 What to prepare
IOS-02、IOS gear grease

2 Apply IOS-02 oil to the bearings of the S-System.

3 Take a thin layer of gear grease on a toothbrush, etc.

4 Apply evenly to the main body of the S-System.
Be especially careful with the splines and the backside.

5 When washing the S-System in water after use with salt, be sure to pour water over the S-System body, wash it, and dry it before performing the same maintenance.

│Customized adjustment of drag sound

※Usually no adjustment is necessary.

Normally, the drag sound is adjusted to a pleasant tone when the S-system is installed, but you can adjust the strength of the drag sound to your preference by following the procedure below.

Remove the spool, and if the spool has a cover on the back, such as a steller, remove it beforehand.

1 To reduce drag noise

Pick up the spring with the screwdriver provided.
Bend the spring downward with pliers, etc.
Set the spring to the original position again and confirm that the drag sound has decreased.

2 If you want to increase the drag noise

Pick up the spring with the screwdriver provided.
Bend the spring upward with pliers, etc.
Set the spring back to the original position again and check that the drag sound is louder.