[DAIWA] RCS Color Aluminum Round Knob L size *HKAL

[DAIWA] RCS Color Aluminum Round Knob L size *HKAL

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◆ Product Concept

(Daiwa genuine)

Lightweight and in order to achieve a sporty form a stylish, aluminum handle knob of all machine cut which has been subjected to bold blanking processing.

The finish luxurious suitable for optional parts, reel you have is wearing a more sporty and elegant attire.

Available in color lineup of three patterns as selected depending on the reel body color or your choice. Special parts trappings adult holiday in colorful, a wider range of coordination.

※ bearings are not included.

・after use, please rinse thoroughly with fresh water of running water.
・such as IT'S ICV, dedicated resin color part both axis reel at the time of attachment (part code: 110664) is required.
・at the time of purchase Please confirm in advance.
・This item becomes a commodity for an electric reel / both axis reel. The round knob M / L each have compatible cope with the handle knob size S / L, but please keep in mind that it becomes a blanking shape that is not suitable for use in hand-rolled a high load for a long time such as jigging.
・Other options knob similar to a ball bearing (BB) are not included. Please use a BB or color are the reel body.

· M size 21g
· L size 26g

(compatible models)
· M size
 Seaborg 150 to 200 size
 Leo Blitz 150 to 200 size
 Millionaire 200, 250
 Tanah sensor 250 early technique
 It's ICV150 (※) such as
 ※ Dedicated resin color (part code:110664), sold separately at the time of some two axes reel mounting
   you will need.

· L size
 Seaborg 270-1000 size
 Leo Blitz 270-1000 size
 hyper-shelf configuration 270-1000 size
 MagMax 270-1000 size
 , etc. I'm ICV200~300

◆ Color


Gold / Black

Gold / Black

Limited Color Purple pink

Limited Color Orange

◆ Custom image