[DAIWA/SLP WORKS] RCS Color Aluminum Round Handle Knob L size *HKAL

[DAIWA/SLP WORKS] RCS Color Aluminum Round Handle Knob L size *HKAL

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Product Description

DAIWA Genuine

All machine-cut aluminum handle knobs with bold blanking treatment to achieve a lightweight, stylish and sporty form.
The high-quality finish is appropriate for an optional part and gives your reel a more sporty and elegant appearance.
Two additional color patterns are available to choose from according to the color of the reel body and your preference for five color patterns.
These special parts add a colorful touch to an adult's holiday and expand the range of coordination.
In conjunction with installing the SLPW color aluminum round knob, the SLPW BB handle knob kit can be installed separately to improve the winding efficiency. You can also enjoy tuning the knob with the SLPW BB handle knob kit.

*Bearings are not included.

- Please rinse well under running fresh water after use.
- Some double-axle reels, such as IT'S ICV, require a special resin collar (part code: 110664) for installation.
- Please confirm in advance when purchasing.
- This item is for electric reels and double-axle reels. The round knob M/L is interchangeable with the handle knob size S/L, but please note that the blanking shape is unsuitable for manual winding under high loads and for long periods, such as jigging.
- As with other optional knobs, ball bearings (BBs) are not included.
Please use the BB or collar attached to the reel itself. If you wish to add a BB when reconfiguring the knob, please order the Handle Knob BB Addition Kit separately.


- Instruction manual
- Adjustment washers (190455) x 2
- Knob cap removal pin (199020) x 1


- M size 21 g
- L size 26 g

Compatible Models

- M size
SEABORG 150/200 size
LEOBRITZ 150/200 size
It's ICV 150 (*) etc.
*Some double-axle reels require a special resin collar (part code: 110664), sold separately, for installation.

- L size
SEABORG 270/1000 size
LEOBRITZ 270/1000 size
HYPER TANACOM 270/1000 size
MAGMAX 270/1000 size
It's ICV 200/300, etc.

Color Lineup

Navy Blue/Gold




[Limited Color] Purple, Pink

[Limited Color] Orange

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