[IOS Factory] Line Roller IMPACT for SHIMANO

[IOS Factory] Line Roller IMPACT for SHIMANO

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By improving the rotation of the line roller, retrieve sensitivity improvement, achieving line trouble relief, and further, be any line tension, that line is wound aligned spool, excellent steady release during casting , can experience a good distance improvement of Gaidonuke, it is a custom line roller.

The rotation property, in a state in which the lure is not about, the rotation of the about turn in the weight of the line, you can check the movement of the dot holes of excellent design.

In fact, fish rather than turn to the only line roller when you hit, processing time and the line slack, even when you are retrieving a small pole resistance lure, had always does not rotate, twist line it will involve the spool.

At the time of the cast, there is that their line will be released all at once, the flight distance decreases, of course, will also lead to the cause of such backlash.

Line roller that does not turn, not only significantly reduces the retrieved sensitivity, such as the distance decreases and the line trouble, can lead to trigger a variety of troubles.

IOS line roller impact, the Rain'yore unavoidable for spinning use but rather, improve the flight distance improvement and winding improving the sensitivity of the Shimano reel, is a completely new concept of the line roller.

│ target reel

07/10/14/18 Stella and, 19 vans quiche Shimano reel 1000 series ~4000 series such as. Core protected whether or not all of the reel.

│ Color

Ice Silver (Salt corresponding)

cool silver is the reel and excellent compatibility of Silver system.

Ion Gold (Salt corresponding)

elegant color scheme of somewhat restrained Me bronze closer is a universal color that suit any color.
In particular, it is great with black system of the reel.

Blue (Salt corresponding)

bright blue is great with silver-based reel.

Red (Salt corresponding)

Hibitto red is excellent in compatibility with deep color and black-based reel.

Purple ( Salt correspondence )

matching of the blue or black reel is especially looks better.

Paraiba Blue (Salt corresponding new color)

miracle of jewelry, color of the image of a Paraiba tourmaline is the color that will be familiar with the wonder with any reel.
In particular, it is great with pale metallic system of the reel.

Gunmetal (Salt corresponding) New color in 2020 The
semi-glossy gunmetal color gives a unified feeling by coordinating with the black reel, giving a more modern impression

│ bundled product

line roller body
, only a stainless steel bearing
, various adjustment shims
• Dedicated fixing screws
and mounting instructions (package described)

※ Please note ※

line roller impact is a custom parts to increase the rotation of the Shimano reel of line roller, but can also be replaced with a line roller of the core protection specifications, core protect waterproof, dustproof, is an excellent line roller in corrosion resistance, as compared to the genuine line roller of the core protection installed, because there are times when the durability is poor, Please understand the situation at the time of mounting.

When you are looking for, please wearing what was sure to reel.

Not only it does not exert the will do not fit and performance size, there is a risk that can not be mounted in the worst case.

In the line roller mounted, there is some movement in the body up and down.
Since it you are in need of approximately gap of Rain'yore reduction and performance improvement, Please note.
However, because the line is abnormal is rattling or gap of about entering the gap, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition, and turn quickly the reel mounted, there may be blurring of the rotor occurs.
In the normal lure retrieve, but I think that it is the level of concern, because here is also preferred the rotation performance concept, Please understand.

Installation example

│ mounting method

1 Remove the bail arm (line roller) fixed to that arm fixing bolt (line roller screws), remove all the units of the line roller.

14 In the case of Stella C200s

case of Cardiff CI4 C200s

Or dirty during 2 attachment, optionally washed if there is adhesion of grease.

3 to the bail arm insert the arm fixing shaft genuine to bale, 0.5 mm shims to underlying, bearing, 0.65 mm shim, line roller body (upper and lower the same), the bearing, 0.5 mm shims, and genuine line roller receiving plate ( in the order of not even there you thing), assembled while applying the IOS oil.

14 In the case of Stella C2000S

Cardiff CI 4 case of C2000S

case of 10 Stella C2000HGS

twin power XD C3000HG and the case of such 4000XG

case of up to 18 Stella No. 1000 No. 4000, does not use black genuine pedestal.
Instead, please set the 0.5mm shims to the two lower
fixed, fixed with a line roller IMPACT bis.

Please read ※  
If there is no line roller bottom in genuine plate, it will be instead of the 0.5mm shim is genuine plate, the plate without a reel, please set a 0.5mm shim to the two lower.
18 In the case of Stella, genuine pedestal is not used.
Please set the bottom two sheets of 0.5mm shim.

4 Finally, the Sutenbisu the accompanying fixed crowded tightening.
If too much tightening, and aluminum veil fixed shaft deformation, to note that is no slack.
In addition, the before and after use reel, please be sure to check the loosening of the screw.
There is a risk of parts falling.

5 of the bail arm working, and to ensure the rotation of the line roller.
If the rotation is bad, to check whether such forgotten of 0.65mm shim, the assembly of the parts have been properly.

※ When there is a rotor shake and Lee ring, sure not fixed in genuine bis, shake by fixing in Sutenbisu of accessories You can reduce.

│ for daily maintenance

line roller also, dirt come with the rotation performance will suffer.
Please conduct regular overhaul.
Oil to coating, the IOS 01 or 02, please used depending on the intended use and durability. There
in the front and rear use reel, please be sure to check the loosening of the screw.
There is a risk of parts falling.

◎ developers column

"IOS line roller Direct / impact"

and say when you replace the line roller and extend the flight distance, some people think such stupid over, and.
However, too late of course, you can experience that to improve anyone distance and sensitivity if loyal.
As you crowded spear reel maintenance, deep it is how the line roller function, and, if it were a very important part for the reel, know firsthand.

Some people, too fly, lure will reach the opposite shore, well eliminate more of the line roller, because the line by the rotation of the line roller is involved in a well-aligned spool, line release is smoothly at the time of casting, the guide of missing by dramatically improved, because the results distance exits is why leaving flight distance.

Well, winding or sensitivity is why useless in? The genuine to improve? Do not I use?
When the above-mentioned line roller is rotated, the clean line has been described as being wound well aligned with the spool.

Line roller is, for example, what happens? When does not turn at all
in line with the alignment is disturbed, while resulting in a According unstable line, caught up in the spool.
According line, the resistance of the release significantly, not only out results distance, worst, likely in trouble such as the backlash.

There is a line as the only input transmission path of the vibration of the angler, the vibration of the line is transmitted directly to the intact line roller.
For example, it may become lighter retrieve the lip of the wobbling, such as crankbait, repeated or heavier with a slight pitch, generally winding of strength feel in the steering wheel, also referred to as a winding sensitivity to this.

Well, the rotation of the line roller, and the load of the load and retrieve the lure to be used, line roller first place of the rotation of the good and bad, will change significantly.
As a way to check whether the line roller is turning, and try to slowly retrieve mark the line roller in magic, line or roller is spinning, not around one of the confirmation can be.

In particular, the reel of such areas and light salt, it is also not unusual to use a 1g before and after the lure, it sought to improve the rotational performance of the course line roller, the deterioration of the not turn vibration leads to loss as well.
By the way, IOS line roller would normally Settings, put a line in the water around firmly alone was fitted with a snap.

Also, IOS line rollers, of course improve the rotatability utilizes accordance line dare even degree emitted become coiled spinning peculiar spiral, are controlling.
With respect to the guide ring, there is the approach angle of the ideal of the line, it will lead to the distance improvement.
To control it, the shape of the consideration of the line roller the approach angle of the line.

This development, about one year almost every day, to create a prototype of the line roller, was devoted to the development turned down most of the events.
Of course, close to the Kobayashi also no income of development, this is prepared to fold their company if you are not successful, and to him, taken by emaciation, was told to was languishing.

Not only the performance of the line roller, indeed whether Morikomeru the IOS likeness?
Of course, is also required that does not freeze even at -10 degrees or more.
Situation of trial and error that the goal is not visible, have been spelled out in the past blog, I personally also, there is also compromise of the patent with manufacturers of genuine line roller, mind and body, as well as rock bottom in company managerial even down to, every day, every day, only the shape of the line roller as incoherent muttering, day-to-day unthinkable was followed.

Literally, the IOS best ever is a crisis absolute death, is this thing.
After that, the manufacturer, send a final sample, after a few months, when my mobile phone to the manufacturer in charge of OK phone came, despite ran a high-speed, "Yossha!" In one person I remember that it has cheered with.
I learned at that time, "It's of course difficult because the people are trying to do that you do not do it".
And "that do not know, let it because I do not know." I learned that.
And "because not float anyway it is good idea even if impatient, it is better that had been dug in haste to flicker." I thought both.

Because there is a struggle at this time, now is also considerable groping in the dark is followed, is the Hirakinaoreru as "somehow made of.".