[IOS Factory] D-System (for DAIWA drag tuning kit)

[IOS Factory] D-System (for DAIWA drag tuning kit)

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To further smooth the drag of Daiwa reel, and, drag unit custom parts to allow for hooking crisp Tame is the IOS D-system.

Bring an aluminum machine cut housing, high-precision spool rotation, rather than an unstable resin color of the surface pressure of the spool, the concept of receiving a high-precision bearings,
the surface pressure of the drag felt always kept constant, for DSystem It has been developed, together with the synergistic effect of a dedicated felt, and increase the stability of the drag force.

Drag-only spring be refined, to the extent that does not impair the drag performance, pleasant presence of a fine in timbre tune, and even comes with the adjustment shims to taper winding uneven measures of the spool, it will correspond to various reel.

│ target reel

-real Four system 05 Igujisuto system (mug shield mounted Mu, the main shaft system 3.2mm) 1000 No. class 2500 No. class
(for example) 05 Igujisuto, 07 Rubiasu, etc.

, real Four system 12 Igujisuto system or later (mug shield installed Yes, main shaft system 3.4 mm) 1000 No. class 2500 No. class
(example) 12 Igujisuto, 15 Igujisuto, 10 Seruteto, 13 Seruteto, 12 and 15 Rubiasu, 16 Seruteto, 17 Steez like, Presso Limited etc.

· TD system (cross gear method) No. 1000 class 2500 No. class
(example) TD Ignis, TD-Z, SC-Z , SC Presso, TD Aegis (early)

, 17 theory system (shaft diameter 4mm) 1003,2004,2004H, 04 (primary ) 1003-2500 series of Seruteto (other than this requires an actual thing check.)

· 18 Igujisuto is, D system has become not be mounted.

· 17 theory is thicker main shaft diameter than 4mm and conventional products, D system will be compatible only type of 17 theory only.

"Spool bearings of to exhibit 100% drag performance"

│ supplied items
DSystem body, only a stainless steel bearing, drag dedicated spring, only felt
various adjustment shim, dedicated fixing ring, installation instructions (package described)

※ attention  

please wearing what was sure to reel in when-Shop.

- not only it does not exert and do not meet performance size, there is a risk that can not be mounted in the worst case.

※ to the time of mounting 15 Igujisuto and 15 D system and remove the genuine drag unit such as Rubiasu, when disassembling the genuine drag unit, you will need special tools such as "IOS multi-tool".
Please purchase separately.

TD system Installation example

real Four system installation sample

◎ D-system real attachment method for

1. Remove the spool from the reel, remove the existing drag felt, apply plenty of IOS Shimoku Drag Gris to the felt included in the D system, and then install it again in the spool.
Polar bear grease characterized by solid taste, when using smoothness, please use genuine drag grice.
In addition, please divert the new felt of the new 2500 class.

2. Remove the main shaft ring, remove the ball bearing, then remove the shaft pin. (Pin will be diverted later.)

3. Remove the spool receiver from the main shaft.

4. Attach the IOS-D system unit to the main shaft beforehand with the finesse drag spring incorporated.
Springs can be fitted with springs included with the D system, or existing springs can be diverted. (Necessary adjustment)

* Increasing the sound by increasing the spring rate may accelerate the wear of the spline on the back side of the spool.

D When installing the spring in the system main body, it becomes clear sound by attaching oil to the spring.

* Important **** About spool wear *****

D system, if the drag on the back side of the spool comes into contact, if the spline part is worn out, please install diverted genuine spring.

If you attach the spring attached to the D system to a spool with a lot of wear, the groove tends to be easy to dig and partial wear may proceed.
Also, if you increase the drag sound and use it with the spring rate raised, wear may be accelerated as with the genuine reel, and the original drag performance may not come out.

Use a spool that is not worn as much as possible, and use the drag sound in a small size.

5. Insert the removed shaft pin.

6. Set the 1 mm washer that came with the main body of the D system.
(Caution: Adjustment of the washer may be necessary depending on the condition of winding up of the line.)

7. Attach the attached bearing while paying attention to the direction, and then install the 0 ring preventing falling out.
*Attention to the direction of the flange of the bearing!

8. Fit the spool and check the operation of the drag sound.
Although the attached spring is a spring for finesse, it is also possible to install existing springs. (Necessary adjustment)

★Daiwa 15 EXIST, 15 Removal procedure of ATD drag unit mounted after 15 LUVIAS

Removal of difficult ATD can be easily removed if there is IOS multi tool.

1. 15 Remove the ATD drag washer of Exist.

2. Using IOS multi tool, turn counterclockwise and loosen the nut.

3. Make sure that the nut is completely removed and push the pin lightly with the tip of the multi tool.
Since the pins are loosely stopped, no force is needed.

4. Pull out the ATD unit and complete.

After detaching, insert the base of the D system and fix it with a pin.
A genuine fixing nut is not necessary.
If the base is caught in the vicinity of the hole of the shaft pin and the shaft is inflated, it will be entered by sharpening the bulge of the shaft with a sharpener etc.
The rest is the same as installing 12 Exists.
Please refer to the installation procedure.

*** When the sound does not sound ***

Once you remove the unit and check its operation alone as shown in the figure below, please see the correspondence going smoothly

■ Case 1
case does not fit have spring jump out to the spool

as shown in the figure below server, the value but in order to have jumped from the spline of the spool, no sound comes out without Hamara to properly spool.

Response: At the same time reduce the amount of protrusion from the unit, the adjustment of the intensity of the sound is also possible.

Again bent narrow spring width as follows.

Adjust the pop-out amount at the bending of the spring.

Spring neat example was addicted to spool

■ case 2
or case sound quality of the spring is bad in pure spring or the like use, the case is caught by a sense

because there is a possibility that the end of the genuine spring is in contact with the spool back, as described below please be 1-2 Mirikatto the end to.

■ Case 3
all have been properly seated, but not the sound.

The spool of the spline, there is a possibility that does not reach the spring.
Increase the amount of protrusion is a little spread the spring, bent lightly the convex portion of the spring on the diagonal, so please hit the spline.
In particular, in the case of increasing the washer 1.5mm or more, it will be in the above treatment is necessary.

Adjust the pop-out amount at the bending of the spring

spring state not reached the spline

bend the tip of the spring upward

examples locked into exactly the spline by bending the spring

■ Case 4
drag sound is poor.

D system accessories of the spring, the basic, in the spool of Igujisuto 2004, if you have been made the setting so that the best sound is made, that spline section that the drag of the spool back to contact is worn, the sound quality is poor there is.
In that case, whether you adjust the spring again, please try the diversion of genuine spring.

■ Case 5
12 Igujisuto system edited by

the incorporation of 12 Igujisuto genuine spring, it may sound without contact with the spline is not.
As this cause, not fit enough to spring to the inside of the unit, it is the reason why the amount of jumping out of the spring is small.
In this case, when mounting again a little narrow the spring width shortens the spring with a finger, the spring on the inside of the unit will increase the amount of the pop-out tribute.

12 Igujisuto system mounted genuine spring, examples spring is not

a little narrower spring width finger.

Firm spring is in close contact with the inside of the unit, the sound comes out more and more amount of protrusion of the spring.

※ thus turning together spool and Doragunobu is or comes into contact with the knob drag when causing the bale.

Without Hamara is closely spool drag unit by the reel model and individual differences, when tightening the drag knob, there is the spool rotates simultaneously with Doragunobu will turning.
Tightly by attaching it to a spool as described below, rather than felt the supplied D system when surface to be mounted is a last-minute, please use the felt thickness of the thin genuine drag felt.

Example spool is not properly attached to D system

examples spool is correctly fitted to the D system

│ line

winding uneven (forward tapered, reverse taper) is included with the washer (0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm) Please adjusted by increasing or decreasing of.
Main base is 1.0mm is

│ operation check

after passing through the line to the rod, will be conducted in practice the operation test of the drag.
Or was a drag sound is large, it does not rotate the spool smoothly and is less Doragugurisu, or weaken the tension of the spring, that plenty of impregnating a polar bear grease to the drag felt an additional, even while leaving a firm Tame, It will be stable and smooth drag control.

If further emphasis on smoothness, please use the genuine Doragugurisu.
Further, when the spool center of color, can not be performance exhibited 100% of the D system, because there is a need to incorporate a bearing to the spool Center, please do not hesitate to contact us.

│ Kyurukyuru sound is from the drag.

water is entering into the drag
over Fall in drag.
Larger amount of coating a polar bear grease.

too tighten the Doragunobu, Doragugurisu is not attached to the felt.
over Fall in drag.
Using the normal use assumed line 1~3lb.
In the case of using more than 3lb, please use the genuine felt.

Maintenance of │ daily

D system, and the drag felt or Doragugurisu is not always well-kept, does not take effect.

Only felt generous apply the always IOS Doragugurisu.

The D system body bearing, please apply as needed IOS-02.

Daily maintenance, carried out every few times of the fishing row.

In particular, and after a rainy day, every before and after the tournament, it is recommended to practice times.

※ only felt is a consumable item.
Please replace the several months in Medford.
Because I hear in your purchase is 3 pieces 540 yen (including tax), please feel free to contact us.

◎ mounting method for D system · TD

1. Remove the spool from the reel body.

2. Remove O ring and bearing, and remove shaft pin.

3. D system unit.

4. Attach the shaft pin.

5. Install 1 mm washer. (Usually adjusted by 1 mm individuals)

6. Attach the bearing carefully in the direction.

7. Completed by installing O ring.

8. For waste spool overwash, washer is covered with swallowing grease.

9. Assemble as before disassembly

10. Assemble the reel body with careful notching.

11. Adjust the winding unevenness of the line, adjust the unevenness adjustment with the attached washer.

│for installation

Although the difficulty level of mounting is not as difficult as the Real For D system, skill of drag overhaul and roll unevenness adjustment of the line is necessary.

For overhaul, recommendation of Shirokuma Draggris, adjustment of line unevenness adjustment by increasing / decreasing of special washer.

In order to maintain the performance of the drag, please drag overhaul once for each fishing line several times.

Even when the drag gets caught up on Kyurukuru, please carry out overhaul of the spool.

Drag springs will be used with the supplied dedicated spring.