[IOS Factory] Premium Wood Handle Knob (1 Piece) *HKWD

[IOS Factory] Premium Wood Handle Knob (1 Piece) *HKWD

Our Selling Price: US$74.80 [Regular Price: US$88.00]

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The warmth of natural wood and the quality texture that only the real thing can offer

And the high-precision rotation provided by the high-precision metal liner reduces

the risk of uneven rotation due to weather and seasons, which was the bottleneck of wood knobs.

The risk of uneven rotation due to weather and seasons, which has been a bottleneck of wood knobs, is reduced,

and the ultimate retrieve sensitivity, which is stable in all weather conditions, is achieved with very little rattling.

All of them are PREMIUM quality.No compromise is made on the materials and precision of each piece.

This handle knob has been captivating many users for many years since its launch, and is especially supported by the

executive class and many experts who truly love the real thing.

The kit includes special end screws and installation tools, as

well as many customizable parts and adjustment shims to fit a wide range of Shimano, Daiwa and external handlebars.

Customization of end hiss can also be made to ultra-thin screw type with a "TSURAICHI SET".

Inside the wood knob is a severed metal liner insert.
The center of the knob is made as thin as possible to prevent rotation defects caused by swelling changes in the wood due to rain, etc.

Two types of knobs are available: the thicker A type, which is similar to the genuine handle knob and allows a firm grip, and the thinner B type, which emphasizes retrieval sensitivity.

(Knob dimensions)

*This is a natural material, so there may be a difference depending on the product.

Total length approx. 33.0mm
Width of root portion: approx. 21.0 mm
Tip width: approx. 22.0 mm
Thinnest point approx. 9.0 mm
Thickest point approx. 14.0mm
Weight approx. 4.75g (not including end screw)

Total length approx. 33.0mm
Width of root portion: approx. 21.0 mm
Tip width: approx. 22.0 mm
Thinnest point approx. 8.0 mm
Thickest point approx. 12.0mm
Weight approx. 4.15g (not including end screw)


1 Wood Knob is comfortable forever.

The warmth of wood has always been a problem for us because it is a natural material.
The solution to this problem is a high-precision aluminum liner.
The more you use the wood, the more flavor it will develop, and you can use it in its best turning condition forever.

2 Ultra-thin knobs made possible by ultra-thin aluminum liners

The popular ultra-thin knob shape is made possible by an ultra-thin inner pipe 0.4 mm thick and wood craftsmanship.
The thin Type B has a wood wall thickness of less than 1 mm at the center.
IOS makes no compromises in pushing the limits of processing.

3 Sophisticated design

IOS wood knobs are characterized by performance, harmony with reels, and sophisticated design.
The taste and exquisite curves of each piece are unique to the hand-craftsmanship of the Paris Collection's master artisans, who represent Japan.


Burma Padouk:Especially selected and rare cob wood is used, with a mysterious grain pattern that seems to be absorbed into the wood.

Ebony:Here, too, highly rare parts were carefully selected to bring out the fearless and deep grain of the wood.

◆Type variation

Type A: Standard A type with both sensitivity and grip

Type B: Type B prioritizes ultimate footing sensitivity

End screws: gorgeous 24-karat gold plated for Burma Padou and modern silver screws for ebony.

◆Compatible models

・Can be attached to most Shimano and Daiwa spinning and bait reels.

◆Setting data (from handle root side)

・Shimano 07 STELLA series 3.5mm / BB / knob / BB / 1.5mm / 0.5mm / 0.1mm / 0.05mmm / screw

・10STELLA series (stepped shaft) 0.1mm/0.1mm/BB/Knob/BB/1.5mm/0.1mm/0.1mm/VIS

Daiwa 05 EXIST series 3.5mm / BB / knob / BB / 0.5 / 0.1mm x 4 / screw

※This is only for reference.
Some modifications are required to install the product and the external steering wheel.


IOS Bearings, end screws, various adjustment shims

◆Daily care

Please understand that this is a characteristic of the product.
To clean, apply a thin layer of IOS Shirokuma grease and wipe well with a cloth wrung out with water.