[IOS Factory] Manhattan Handle Knob *HKAL

[IOS Factory] Manhattan Handle Knob *HKAL

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(No blind spot on that handle knob)

The IOS Manhattan is the ideal of the ultimate round knob that does not slip, is lightweight, and can be gripped firmly.

The material used is duralumin.

The three-piece construction is inspired by the aluminum wheel construction of a car, and the high-precision rotation of the two ball bearings provides the best performance imaginable today, from delicate retrieves that require light winding to power games that require high torque.

The strength of a single piece and the light weight of only 6g, which is only possible with a 3-piece structure, are realized in metal.

The unique shape of the lure allows the handle to slip off due to sweaty fingers under the blazing sun in midsummer, and to hold overwhelmingly well on ultra high-speed retrieves during lure retrieval and action in all weather conditions & in all seasons.

The thin-walled housing provides resin-like warmth on extremely cold retrieves and reduces the numbing coldness of extremely cold hands that is common with metal knobs.

Prevents the product from slipping through the fingers even at low temperatures.

Furthermore, the high sensitivity of the metal housing with excellent airtightness on retrieve, based on the theory of spatial resonance, revolutionized the dead slow retrieve of bait reels, and established a fishing style that only the Manhattan knob can achieve.

Its use is not only as a double-handle knob for bait reels, but also for spinning reels that require both power and sensitivity. A wide variety of customized parts including special bearings and a special tool for installation are included.


1 All-Weather & Powerful

To prevent slipping even in heavy rain, the knob is coated throughout with a non-slip coating, and a double bare link design is used to reduce winding torque.
Combined with a tapered design that allows for a firm grip without slipping even on big fish in the meter class, it is a seamless knob that can be reeled in with gusto.

2 Ultra Lightweight

The increased weight of the knob has a significant negative effect on the moment of inertia, since it is located at the very tip of the reel.
Manhattan has developed a unique 3-piece structure for ultra-light weight and achieved a lightness approaching that of plastic knobs by cutting the wall to the utmost limit.。
IOS's original method of using both end screws and caps has been taken into consideration not only for casting but also for retrieve balance and maneuverability.
Combined with the lightweight IOS double handle for maximum performance.

3 Color lineup that coordinates well with reels

Manhattan, New York, the city that never sleeps.
The most spectacular and gorgeous gold at 21:00.
Silver at 5 a.m. early in the morning, poking out of the city in a purple haze.
And then the black at 2am when all the color is lost ...
Let each time show its own color and expression.
Breeze, a designer brand of IOS FACTORY, was inspired by the details and colors of such a Manhattan, and was designed to function as a knob with numerous expressions as images, harmonizing with the reel and handle.

Color Lineup



Matte Black

Ice Silver

Ion Gold

Limited Color Pink

The Matte black, Ice silver, and Ion gold colors are non-slip, salt-compatible, and anodized aluminum.
Compared to the usual silver and gold, it is a matte color with a more subdued matte finish.


Manhattan Handle Knob
Dedicated wrench
End Screw
Adjustment Shim (3.5mm/1.5mm x 3/0.5mm x 2/0.1mm x 5)

Compatible Models

- 1 IOS Double Handle
1.5mm / 1.5mm / Bearing / Manhattan / Bearing / 3.5mm / 1.5mm / 0.1mm x 3

- 2 DAIWA Genuine Handle
1.5mm / 1.5mm / Bearing / Manhattan / Bearing / 3.5mm / 0.1 x 4

- 3 SHIMANO Genuine Handle
1.5mm / 1.5mm / Bearing / Manhattan / Bearing / 3.5mm / 1.5mm

- 4 10 STELLA or Other Knob Stepped Handle
Bearing / Manhattan / Bearing / 3.5mm / 0.5mm / 0.1mm x 3

* From the base of the handle knob in this order (This is only a guide. Please fine-tune according to accuracy)
For external handles other than the genuine ones, the actual handle must be matched before purchase.

Installation Example