[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool ALD1224R for 12 ALDEBARAN BFS XG

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool ALD1224R for 12 ALDEBARAN BFS XG

Our Selling Price: US$70.84 - US$92.87 [Regular Price: US$101.20 - US$132.66]

Prices vary according to options.

Brake System:

◆ Shimano 12 Aldebaran BFS XG micro-cast spool for

│ model name

Microcast Spool ALD1224R (groove depth 2.4Mm)
Microcast Brake ALD1224K (magnet brake unit)
4P-Brake ALD12 (centrifugal brake unit)
SVS puller ALD12

│ product introduction


It is micro-cast spool for 12 Aldebaran BFS XG.
Groove depth of the spool is 2.4mm.
Please choose a magnet brake or centrifugal brake according to your taste of the brake feel.

※ the 2018 October color variation has been renewed.
Change the material of the spool shaft to ultra-duralumin, it has undergone a weight reduction.
Genuine brake unit can not be used.

Microcast Spool ALD1224R Sky Blue

12 Aldebaran BFS XG
to reel already mounted Avail parts
Microcast Spool ALD1224R Red
12 Aldebaran BFS for the star drag Red
Shimano for offset handle 85mm black
aluminum handle nut M7 left black
Uddonobu striped ebony
GM knob cap (no holes) red

│Microcast Brake ALD1224K

magnet brake: Microcast Brake ALD1224K

is Microcast Spool ALD1224R dedicated magnet brake.
Neodymium magnet to the body (4 × 4mm) will be 5 months included.
Adjust the effectiveness of the brake by the number of magnet.
※ Microcast Spool ALD1224R not available to other than.

│ for the attachment of the magnet

· N and S poles and alternately arranged.
· Mounting holes of the magnet in the brake body is located in 10 months, but those who were placed in succession will be strong effectiveness of the brake.
• When removing the magnet, the wrench that came with the reel, please pull out stuck like a magnet iron driver.
-Magnet will be 5 months included, but when braking effect is strong, reduce the number of magnet, please adjust by increasing the number of magnet when weak.
• The number of magnet when the increase to five or more, please order separately the magnet of 4 × 4mm.

│ color variations

│Microcast Spool ALD1224R (groove depth: 2.4mm)




Sky Blue


│ specs basic specifications

│ spool

spool parts: super duralumin (colored by anodized)
Shaft portions: extra super duralumin (hard anodized)

key size
Microcast Spool ALD1224R
depth: 2.4 mm

adapted reel
Shimano 12 Aldebaran BFS XG

genuine Spool: (Condition disconnect the SVS) about 9.9 g
Microcast Spool ALD1224R: about 6.3 g

│4 point brake 4P-brake ALD12

body: polyacetal resin (black)
brake pin: stainless

fit spool
Microcast spool ALD1224R

body: 0.9 g

│ magnet brake Microcast brake ALD1224K

housing portion: polyacetal resin (black)
internal metal parts : S45C (nickel-plated)
magnet parts: neodymium magnet

fit spool
Microcast spool ALD1224R
※ Microcast spool ALD1224R not available to other than.
be careful.

body: 4.3 g
magnet: 0.5 g (1 month)

neodymium magnet (4 × 4mm) 5 months

maximum mounting number of magnets
10 months

details of │ spool

reduced as much as possible for chewing yarn, we have changed the shape of the gap between the reel frame, but an extremely thin thread Please note that there is likely to be when not in use and cause of biting thread.

Because in case you accidentally bite the thread will be difficult to remove the spool, be sure to remove the spool from to eliminate the biting thread.

Relationship of the reel and the spool, sectional view

please adjust in a state in which the rim and the frame is loosened mechanical brake to be symmetrical.

│ line capacity

spool / 10Lb Fai0.260Mm
ALD1224R / 40M

spool / 8Lb Fai0.235Mm
ALD1224R / 50M

spool / 6Lb Fai0.205Mm
ALD1224R / 60M

measured using a ※ Yamatoyo gut (stock) like nylon line (VERSATILE DESIGN) did.

Porting of │SVS
the removal of the SVS recommended the use of SVS puller ALD12.

How to remove the brake unit without using the SVS puller

For SVS removal from ※ genuine spool, please pay attention to the damage of the parts.

Genuine spool. (SVS comes with)

after mounting
※ removal, installation, please be done under the responsibility of the customer.

How to use the │SVS puller

1. Prepare a genuine spool and SVS puller.

Remove the brake block attached to the 2.SVS.

And straight seat the claws of the SVS puller between the pin and the pin of 3.SVS.

The 4.SVS puller to the pins of the SVS by turning in a clockwise direction so that you nail SVS puller fits firmly.

While firmly supported by hand 5.SVS puller and genuine spool, turn clockwise the screw (screw) attached to the top of the SVS puller with a finger.

6.SVS was out.

Remove the SVS than SVS puller a screw (screw) attached to the top of the 7.SVS puller by turning it counterclockwise with your fingers.

8. Return the brake block to remove the SVS, is the end and attached to our spool ALD1224R.

※ If you were thumbing using a spool rim, there is a possibility that the anodized aluminum is peeled off by friction.
Summing should be performed at the wound surface of the spool.