[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool ALD1224R for 12 ALDEBARAN BFS XG

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool ALD1224R for 12 ALDEBARAN BFS XG

Our Selling Price: US$101.20 - US$132.66

Prices vary according to options.

Brake System:

◆ Avail Microcast Spool ALD1224R (The spool rim level is 2.4mm.)


It is the light and shallow spool useful for 12 ALDEBARAN BFS XG.
It will help you cast lightweight lures.

You can select either magneitc brake or centrifugal brake to use with this spool.

Regarding Brake System selection, if you want to use:
- magnetic brake, select "with Microcast Brake ALD1224K".
- Avail centrifugal brake, select "with 4P-Brake ALD12".

- And if you can remove SHIMANO original SVS(centrifugal brake) unit from the original spool, and you want to reuse it with this new spool, select "Not Necessary".

Avail products equipped on 12 ALDEBARAN BFS XG in the photo
- Microcast Spool ALD1224R RED
- Star Drag SD-ALD12-A RED
- Swept Handle for SHIMANO (HO-SH-STA) 85mm BLACK
- [Avail] Handle Lock Nut M7/Left BLACK
- [Avail] Wood Handle Knob (Black Ebony)
- GM Handle Knob Cap (Without hole) RED

Microcast Brake ALD1224K

Microcast Brake ALD1224K

* This is special item useful only for Microcast Spool ALD1224R.
5 neodymium magnet (4mm×4mm) come with this magnetic brake.
The brake force can be varied by the number of the magnet.
* This item is not compatible with any other Microcast Spools.

How to install the Magnet Brake

・ Npole and S pole should be placed alternately next to each other.
・ There are 10 installation holes of the magnets on the brake unit. If you want to make the brake work well, put magnets on the holes without leaving the interval.
・ When removing magnets from the unit, attract the magnets with an iron stuff such as a wrench and pull them out.
・ Make the magnet work weaker by reducing the number, make the magnet work stronger by adding more.
・ If you would like to put more than five magnets, please contact us to offer you.








Spool: Extra Super Duralumin
Spool Shaft: Extra Super Duralumin


SHIMANO original: approx. 9.9g (without SVS)
Microcast Spool ALD1224R: approx. 6.3g

Regarding spool

reduced as much as possible for a bite thread, but we have to change the gap between the shape of the reel frame, there is a risk that when not to use an extremely thin thread cause of biting thread so be careful Please give me.

Because in case you accidentally bite the thread will be difficult to remove the spool, be sure to remove the spool from to eliminate the biting thread.

Relationship of the reel and the spool, sectional view

please adjust in a state in which the rim and the frame is loosened mechanical brake to be symmetrical.

Line Capacity

Spool/10Lb φ0.260mm

Spool/8Lb φ0.235mm

Spool/6Lb φ0.205mm

* The numerical value mentioned above is the result of measuring by winding nylon line up to the edge of spool rim.

How to use SVS Puller

Take out the spool from your reel.

Remove Brake Blocks from SVS.

Put SVS Puller straight on SVS as pictured above. Make sure keep SVS pins out of the Puller's tab.

Then twist SVS Puller clockwise in order to fit right in with the pins of SVS.

Hold SVS Puller and the spool tight in your hand, and turn the screw on the top clockwise to take them apart.

After split off from spool, remove SVS from the Puller by turning the screw anticlockwise.

Put the Brake Blocks back on SVS, and install it on the Micro Cast Spool ALD1224R.

* As thumbing on the spool rim, there is a possibility that the anodized aluminum is peeled off by friction. Please try to thumb on line surface of the spool.
* When winding the spool on the line, will be the cause of the damage is too over a period of strong tension.
In particular, when winding the line with growth, such as nylon line, please use wound to loosen the tension.