[SHIMANO] "Kattobi" Spool Bearing Kit - AIR CERAMIC - [1030AIR & 730AIR] for 12 ALDEBARAN BFS, Stephano, CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50

[SHIMANO] "Kattobi" Spool Bearing Kit - AIR CERAMIC - [1030AIR & 730AIR] for 12 ALDEBARAN BFS, Stephano, CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50

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"Kattobi" Tuning Kit is special bearing for bait casting reels.
It is a 2-pack set.
Bearing size : 1030AIR (3mm x 10mm x 4mm) & 730AIR (3mm x 7mm x 4mm)

With English instructions, even the beginner can easily replace bearings.
Please enjoy the upgrade of your reel!!

AIR bearing

AIR bearings are super high-revolution bait finesse bearings that excel with lures from 1g to 28g.

By the adoption of a small-diameter ceramic ball and high-strength molding housing,
you can cast lures of the MAX 1oz class, not to mention what is most suitable for finesse fishing with baitcast reel.
The bearing is NOT a weak design for exclusive use to finesse fishing with baitcast reel.
Having a rotary response by casting a ultra lightweight lure, you can taste the same sense as the use of normal bearing.

Once you try the "AIR" and cast it, you can feel the difference.
Please experiance the ultimate rotation performance of " AIR bearing".

* "AIR Bearing" is Designed & Trademark patent of HEDGEHOG STUDIO Co.,Ltd.

Product Features

AIR bearing
AIR bearing
Lure Weight

* When fully casting a lure weighing 20g or more, the maximum reachable distance is about the same for all bearings, but the AIR bearing series is easier to control at short distances such as pitching.
(For lightweight lures weighing less than 20g, the AIR bearing series will increase the distance of a full cast compared to a regular bearing.)

* AIR BFS bearings are a cost-reduced version of AIR ceramic bearings.
It does not mean that AIR BFS bearings are more likely to produce greater distance when used in bait finesse than AIR ceramic bearings.
Even if only ultra-lightweight lures are used, the AIR ceramic bearing will provide superior total balance.

* If you want to use the highest performance bearing, choose the AIR Ceramic Series.
Lure weighing less than 20g → AIR Ceramic Bearing
Lure weighing more than 20g or used mostly in saltwater → AIR HD Ceramic Bearing

* The above recommended weights are for casting. Even heavier loads can be applied when not making full casts, such as jigging or offshore fishing.
(AIR Ceramic Bearing is recommended for offshore fishing when increasing the sinking speed of the trap is important, and AIR HD Ceramic Bearing is recommended for jigging main use.)

* All bearings can be used in saltwater, but the AIR HD ceramic bearing has the best corrosion resistance, followed by the ZHi bearing.


13 Stephano 200XG/201XG
12 Stephano CI4+ 200/201
12 Stephano 200/201
05 CALCUTTA 50/51 *C

How to replace the bearing of 12 ALDEBARAN BFS XG

12 ALDEBARAN BFS XG has a different cap construction than the standard SHIMANO bait reel.

For further details, please visit the following link.

How to replace the bearing of CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50 series

CALCUTTA CONQUEST has different bearing sizes and replacement points depending on the number and year.

For further details, please visit the following link.

About Spool Shaft Bearings *C

Reels marked with *C have bearings on the side cover plate side and on the mechanical brake knob side, as well as on the spool shaft.

Although the bearing in the spool shaft section is not replaced in the Kakkobi Tuning Kit, it can be combined with a bearing (sold separately) to create a reel with better rotational efficiency.

For more detailed information, please see the replacement instructions page for each reel.


Q. Is it necessary to clean Hedgehog bearings before attaching to reel?

A. No, it isn't.
Generally, bearings available on the market for industrial use and hobbies have no good rotation very often, because relatively hard grease is often clogged up in the inside of the bearing and some dust get inside of the bearing.

Haven't you purchased the bearing of such low-priced editions, washed the them yourself and used them up to now?
Have you ever experienced to heard some noise or felt some rumbling from bearings after cleaning them thoroughly?
You never get good results no matter how many times it its washed, as long as the accuracy of bearing is bad.

All bearings of HEDGEHOG STUDIO are tuned up and coordinated "Just for fishing reels".
All the bearings are selected one by one by our craftsman's hand after assembly, and only the bearings with excellent rotation performance pass the checks.
And they are filled up with the "Alchemy Oil" developed only for the bearing, and are shipped.

Therefore, it is not necessary to clean or to lubricate oil of a different manufacturer since our bearing condition is the highest in performance when they arrive to you.
You will be able to get the best performance by just opening the package of bearings and setting them to your reel.

Q. What is the rating of your (HEDGEHOG STUDIO’s) bearing in the ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee) scale?

A. It is the question we get most often from overseas customers.
Because the bearings of HEDGEHOG STUDIO are Japanese-made products developed exclusively for reels, it is not applied to the ABEC scale which is an American Standard.
However, the performance is the "non-standard" quality and precision which exceeds ABEC9 rating.

Q. Is it easy to replace the bearing?

A. Yes, it comes with installation instructions in the kit, so you can easily replace the bearings the first time.
Moreover, the bearing currently attached in the inner part of the spool shaft is also replaceable by using the spool bearing remover of HEDGEHOG STUDIO.

Q. Does it cause backlash easily because the spool becomes high rotation?

A. On the contrary, it causes backlash less. Casting softly gives rise to sufficient rotational force so that you can make a cast by utilizing the bending of the rod.
Especially, among professional anglers on tours day after day,
There is also much evaluation of being very hard to get tired since useless energy is not nesesarry for casting, and becoming easy to carry out thier control.
However, each person has its own habit in their cast. For anglers who had cast with all thier might up to now, we suggest setting up the brake somewhat stonger at the bebinning then gradually getting used to it.

Q. Is oil lubrication necessary for bearing?

A. Except for some bearings, HEDGEHOG STUDIO's bearings are lubricated with proper amount of Alchemy Oil and then shipped .
(* Alchemy Oil Ultra Light is used for baitcast reels.)

After the purchase, when attaching bearing to reel at first, there is neither necessity for degreasing nor oil lubrication.
However, since the oil film becomes gradually weak after going fishing several times, in that case please put one drop of the Alchemy oil into the bearing, so that the initial performance will last much longer.

Alchemy Oil is a special oil for ultra-low friction.
When lubricated by mixed with a lot of frictional resistance oil of others, there is a fear that bringing down the initial performance.
We recommend lubrication of Alchemy Oil.