13 BIOMASTER SW Line Roller 2 Bearing Kit Ver.2 【HRCB】

13 BIOMASTER SW Line Roller 2 Bearing Kit Ver.2 【HRCB】

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|Description of the product

※The commercial product is the tuning kit, Not the fishing reel.

Bearing Type

|HRCB bearing

The new technique that metal itself is hard to get rusty very much by special manufacturing method is adopted.
The bearing is resistance to salt water.
And the derusting performance is more than ten times compared with SHG.
It makes rotation feeling like silky smoothness that's quite unique to HEDGEHOG STUDIO.
That helps tough fishing situation that requires both rotation performance and durability in a high level.
It is the next-generation anti-rust bearings for Salt Water angler.

|How to choose bearings

SHG bearing: for freshwater fishing such as Bass/Trout or fishing which attaches importance to sensitivity by using light weight lures

HRCB bearing: for overall saltwater fishing which attaches importance to anti-rust effect
(Although you can use SHG bearing on saltwater fishing, HRCB bearing is more suitable because of its durability.)

It is the Full set of tuning kit consists of :
High-performance bearing / Peculiar parts / instructions
This one is for beginner tuners. We prepare and send all the necessary items.
※Please prepare drivers or pliers yourself.

|Addable bearing systems

*Adding 2 bearings is possible by the kit.

・for 2 Bearing Line Roller System
 ・Line Roller Bearing ×2pcs
 ・Line Roller +2BB Bushing Set Ver.2

 ・Illustration Manual


(SA1000FG, SA2500FG, SA3000FG, SA4000FG, SA5000FG)

(1000FAML, 1000FA, 2500FA, 3000FA, 4000FA)

(ST1000FJ, ST2500FJ, ST3000FJ, ST4000FJ, ST5000FJ)

(SAR1000FA, SAR2500FA, SAR3000FA, SAR4000FA)

・12 Vanquish
(1000S, C2000S, C2000HGS, 2000S, C2500HGS, 2500S, 2500HGS, C3000, C3000HG, C3000SDH, 4000, 4000XG)

・13 Vanquish [LIMITED EDITION]
(C2000HGS, 2500HGS, C3000HGSDH, 4000XG)

(1000S, 1000PGS, C2000S, C2000HGS, 2000S, 2500, 2500S, C3000, C3000SDH, C3000HG, 4000, 4000XG)

(1000S, C2000S, C2000HGS, 2500, 2500S, C3000, C3000HG, 4000XG)

(4000XG, 4000HG, 5000XG, 5000PG)
※Not compatible with 8000HG, 8000PG, 10000HG

(1000S, C2000S, C2000HGS, 2000S, 2500, 2500S, C3000, C3000SDH, C3000HG, 4000, 4000HG, C5000)
※Not compatible with 6000, 8000

(4000PG, 4000XG)
※Not compatible with 6000HG, 6000PG, 8000HG, 8000PG

(1000, 1000S, C2000S, C2000HGS, 2500, 2500S, C3000HG, C3000SDH, 4000HG)

(1000S, C2000, C2000HGS, 2500, 2500S, C3000, C3000HG, C3000SDH, 4000HG, C5000)

(C3000S, C3000HGS, C3000SDH, C3000HGSDH)

(C3000M, C3000HGM, 4000S, 4000XGS)

(C3000M, 4000S)

(C2000SS, C2000HGS)

(2500S F4 , 2500S F6 , 2500HGS F4 , 2500HGS F6)

(2500HGS F4 , 2500HGS F6 , 2500S F4 , 2500S F6)

|Effect by bearing

Line roller

It is kit that you can easily upgrade your reel by adding high performance bearings.
It's possible for beginners to tune a reel safe with clear instructions.

|2 Bearing Line Roller System

Relieving line trouble / Increasing the sensitivity / Improving casting distance
Upgrade the performance of spinning reel.
2 Bearing Line roller System, which is loaded only on EXIST and STELLA, generates an excellent performance.

The difference between the bearings of HEDGEHOG STUDIO and the bearings generally sold.

Almost of all bearings that you can purchase in hardware stores or online stores at cheap price are made for industrial use.

Since industrial bearings are made on the assumption that those are rotated by electric motor, fitting them into a reel as they are causes “heavy and rough” rotation.

Reel is handled by human hands.
Turning the handle by human hands… in other words turning the bearing by our hands.
Therefore different quality from the industrial bearing rotated by a motor is asked for here.

The bearing of HEDGEHOG STUDIO is Japanese-made product tuned up in consideration of fitting it in a reel.
If you take in your hand, turn and compare the bearing of HEDGEHOG STUDIO with an industrial-use bearing, you will immediately understand the overwhelming difference in smoothness.


Q:I'm tyring to tune a spinning reel for the first time. Isn't it difficult to do that if not used to it?

A:Although quite a few our customer are worried about it, most of those who tried it once said that was very easy to finish up. With clear instructions, there is almost no inquiry about installation from customers after purchasing.