Bearing Check Tool Light

Bearing Check Tool Light

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■Description of the product

Very useful to check and clean bearings completely!

Length : 82mm
Compatible inner diameter of bearing : 3mm・4mm・5mm・6mm・7mm

Bearing Check Tool
You can check the roughness and noise of bearing inside precisely by putting a bearing on the Bearing Check Tool and turning it round with a finger.
Although tweezers could be the substitute, accurate check may not be done by them because bearing may be distorted if it is put through tweezers.
Using the special "Check Tool" is much more reliable.

Bearing Check Tool
Roughness and noise indicate that the bearing has got some dust inside.
We recommend that you clean bearings by using a spray cleaner.
With the Bearing Check Tool, you can clean bearings very quickly and compleately because you can spray with a cleaner as making bearings get high speed rotation.