[TRANSCENDENCE] Mareflipp 102S (Rod)

[TRANSCENDENCE] Mareflipp 102S (Rod)

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All-Around Rock Shore Rod

The Mareflipp features a 2-in-1 system that allows for instantaneous length adjustments.
It is designed with a length of 11.1ft for targeting Japanese Seabass and 10.2ft for bluefish.

#5-1 and #5-2
This rod comes with two types of butt sections, both of which are unguided.
This system allows for length adjustment without having to re-tie the line.
Not only can you change the length, but the perceived power and stiffness also change, giving you two different rods in one.

The Mareflipp is built with a blank that combines the power to handle unexpected large bluefish and the sensitivity to not miss short bites from Japanese Seabass.
It is designed for rock shore games where casting in rough weather is standard.
The feeling of the cast in headwinds or crosswinds, the ease of use from high platforms, and the operability during strong swells have all been meticulously crafted, similar to the Empinado91S+.
It successfully caught various targets during testing, including Flat Seabass, Lunker Japanese Seabass, Yellowtail Amberjack, Humphead Snapper, Footballer Trout (also known as Coronation Trout), Red-spotted Grouper, and Bluefin Trevally.

Length: 10.2, 11.1ft
Closed Length: 615mm
Piece: 6 + 1pcs
CastWeight: 12 - 85g (cast max: 130g)
PE: #1.5 - #4
Rod Wt: 299 - 320g
Remarks: Titanium SiC

A Rod for Handling Unexpected Bluefish

The TRANSCENDENCE rock shore rod series, starting with the Empinado91S, has evolved over three years into the power-up model “Mareflipp102.”
Many anglers know the advantages of multi-piece rods for rock shore fishing.
The Mareflipp102 can now catch large bluefish and Japanese Seabass that the Empinado91S couldn’t handle.

Concern about rod damage might arise when embarking on a trip with only the Empinado91S.
Having a rod with a different power range would provide more security.
The Mareflipp102, with its multi-piece design, allows for a more compact and easy-to-carry setup, perfect for expeditions.

Developed at the Strong Request of Tester Baba.
The Mareflipp102 was developed at the strong request of tester Baba.
In the Kyushu area, the mobility of a multi-piece rod is essential for enjoying rock shore fishing.

Additionally, it needs to handle powerful fighters like Yellowtail Amberjack, Japanese Amberjack and Humphead Snapper that may attack while targeting Japanese Seabass.
The Mareflipp102 retains the good qualities of the Empinado while enhancing its power.

Mareflipp102S|fishing style

The primary goal of the Mareflipp102 is safe fishing.
TRANSCENDENCE believes that accessing your desired spots safely is crucial in modern Japanese Seabass and bluefish fishing.

Along with the Empinado91S, the Mareflipp102 offers excellent portability, allowing you to walk through mountain paths, cliffs, and rocks with both hands free.
This significantly reduces fatigue, especially for those concerned about their physical strength.

Length Change

The Mareflipp102 can switch between 10.2ft and 11.1ft lengths, adapting to rock shore conditions, weather, and target fish.

The 10.2ft version is mainly developed for bluefish like Yellowtail Amberjack and Japanese Amberjack.
The short length improves handling and enhances breaking strength, making it possible to reel in large bluefish forcefully.
hrough extensive testing, 10.2ft has been concluded as the optimal length for reducing fatigue and adapting to various rock shore conditions.。

The 10.2ft length is also suitable for fishing with diving pencils, targeting rock shore fish like Bluefin Trevally and Red-spotted Grouper.

The 11.1ft version is designed primarily for Japanese Seabass.
It combines the stiffness from the butt to the belly for casting in strong winds with the flexibility of the tip to hook short bites from Japanese Seabass securely.
This length is advantageous for high platforms and waves where lifting fish is necessary.

Recommend Reel

The Mareflipp102S is mainly developed for SW class reels.
Therefore, it is recommended to use SW series reels for optimal balance and guide diameter.

For 10.2ft and 11.1ft, a reel size of 5000 to 6000 is ideal.
If you prefer an 8000-size reel, the 11.1ft length is recommended.

Committed to Quality

Casting distance is the most crucial factor in rockshore fishing.
The rod’s repulsive force propels the lure, aiming for greater distances.
Ease of casting is also important for distance.
The grip’s thickness and the handle’s fit affect the casting force, so it is meticulously adjusted to achieve maximum casting distance with minimal effort.
A balancer is added to the grip end to reduce fatigue from lure manipulation, bringing the rod’s center of gravity closer to the body and reducing the top-heavy feel and overall weight.

Guide Setting

The top guide of the Mareflipp is set to size 8 to ensure smooth line flow and compatibility with lines up to #4.
To reduce the risk of guide damage, all guides use SiC-S titanium frames.
Double foot guides are used from the base guide to the third guide to maintain the rod’s stiffness.
Single-foot guides are used from the tip to the belly section to reduce short bites from Japanese Seabass and improve the operation of small diving pencils.

New trans-system

The Mareflipp102S features a new trans-system that allows length adjustments without removing the line from the guides.
It comes with two butt sections of different lengths, both unguided, enabling length changes according to the situation.

This system eliminates the need for traditional spigot joints, making the rod lighter.
Additionally, the taper can be applied to the blanks at both lengths, creating a beautiful bend curve.


The Mareflipp102S, proposed by tester Baba and developed over time by various testers, is an all-around rod for the unpredictable rock shore field.
Experience its potential by visiting Kyushu or remote islands.
Feel the evolution in portability, safety, and operability of the multi-piece rod.