[Avail] SHIMANO Aluminum Drag Click Ratchet A Type [DRAG-RATCHET-SH-A]

[Avail] SHIMANO Aluminum Drag Click Ratchet A Type [DRAG-RATCHET-SH-A]

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Aluminum Drag Click Ratchet for SHIMANO

Model Name


Product Introduction

With a finer pitch of the drag sound, the amount of information conveyed through the change in “sound” increases.
The changes in the fish’s fighting power (changes in line release speed via the drag) are quickly conveyed as “drag sound.”
In addition to visual cues (fish movements through polarized glasses) and tactile cues (load and vibrations transmitted through the rod to the hand), the auditory cue (speed of drag sound) allows for effective handling of the fish, regardless of species, that has taken control.
Furthermore, unlike the ge resin, the high-precision cutting of duralumin results in highly accurate drag performance.


- Basic Specifications:

Material: Duralumin
Weight: 1.1g
Number of Teeth: 40 teeth per rotation (compared to the genuine 24 teeth)

Compatible Reels

SHIMANO spinning reels from 2007 to 2017
STELLA / TWIN POWER / Vanquish / COMPLEX / Sephia / EXSENCE / STRADIC (including CI4+) / RARENIUM
*Compatible with the C2500/2500/C3000 sizes of the listed model
*Compatibility with reels other than the listed models is not confirmed

Installation Method