[GLITCH OIL] EVO-2000 (Viscosity Index 2000)

[GLITCH OIL] EVO-2000 (Viscosity Index 2000)

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EVO-2000 [Ultra-High Viscosity High Power Oil]


Introducing the ultra-high viscosity power oil EVO-2000.

This oil has a much higher viscosity than previous products.
It is not hard; despite its ultra-high viscosity, it penetrates well into narrow gaps and adheres effectively to high-precision and complex friction surfaces to prevent wear.
It is a power oil that supports instantaneous movements, combining lubricating performance and wear resistance.

Recommended Uses

- Bicycle:
Race chains, derailleur pulleys, levers, etc.

- Hobby:
Miniature bearings, metal bearings, shafts, etc.

- Fishing Reels:
Spool bearings, handle knob bearings, spool shafts, etc.

Capacity: 15ml
Container: PET container with a dropper