[GLITCH OIL] EVO-500 (Viscosity Index 500)

[GLITCH OIL] EVO-500 (Viscosity Index 500)

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EVO-500 [Ultra-High Viscosity Power Oil]


“EVO-500” is GLITCH OIL’s first ultra-high viscosity power oil.

EVO-500 is a completely new oil that combines lubricity and wear resistance rather than focusing on one or the other.
It possesses both “softness” and “strength,” supporting instantaneous movements while protecting your equipment.
It is especially recommended for parts that experience significant wear and friction.

Recommended Uses

- Bicycle:
Race chains, derailleur pulleys, levers, etc.

- Hobby:
Miniature bearings, metal bearings, shafts, etc.

- Fishing Reels:
Spool bearings, handle knob bearings, spool shafts, etc.

Capacity: 15ml
Container: PET container with a dropper