[GLITCH OIL] ROSA (Viscosity Index 60)

[GLITCH OIL] ROSA (Viscosity Index 60)

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By enhancing GLITCH OIL’s unique base oil with special lubricants and rust inhibitors and incorporating unique special lubrication additives, this medium-viscosity oil delivers satisfactory lubrication and wear resistance performance despite its medium viscosity.
This specialty oil is further designed to withstand heavy rain, sea salt damage, and other harsh conditions.

Recommended Uses

- Bicycle:
Race chains, derailleur pulleys, levers, etc.

- Hobby:
Miniature bearings, metal bearings, shafts, etc.

- Fishing Reels:
Spool bearings, handle knob bearings, spool shafts, etc.

Capacity: 15ml
Container: PET container with a dropper