[GLITCH OIL] TEFROSSO (Viscosity Index 7)

[GLITCH OIL] TEFROSSO (Viscosity Index 7)

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TEFROSSO [PTFE Particle Additive]


“TEFROSSO” is an exclusive oil combining GLITCH OIL’s unique base oil, which possesses non-Newtonian fluid properties, with a special PTFE (Teflon) particle additive.
Like our previous products, it retains anti-Newtonian properties and high lubricity while adding PTFE, which is highly compatible with mineral oils, to enhance initial movement and heat resistance, thereby upgrading lubricity.
The base oil, designed to flow in all directions under pressure, ensures that the PTFE particles, which tend to settle and separate, are always in motion.
This perpetual movement maximizes the particles’ properties, ensuring consistent performance.

Recommended Uses

- Bicycle:
Race chains, derailleur pulleys, levers, etc.

- Hobby:
Miniature bearings, metal bearings, shafts, etc.

- Fishing Reels:
Spool bearings, handle knob bearings, spool shafts, etc.

Capacity: 15ml
Container: PET container with a dropper