[GLITCH OIL] CREEP (Viscosity Index 3)

[GLITCH OIL] CREEP (Viscosity Index 3)

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It has been approximately a year and a half since we started developing an unprecedented lubricant with a viscosity index of “3.”
Finally, it is complete.

With a viscosity index of 3, it is closer to water than high-spec run bike lubricants, falling into the category of ultra-low viscosity oils.
This specialty oil is highly recommended for precise settings in light game fishing, trout fishing, and ice fishing for smelt.

Its characteristics include no viscosity changes with temperature fluctuations, excellent heat resistance, penetration, anti-Newtonian properties, and top-level lubrication performance.

Additionally, it contains special additives of the zoil type.
Zoil oils are treatment agents that re-form extremely smooth and robust metal surfaces.
Unlike chlorine-based additives, which dissolve metal surfaces at a micron level, zoil oils work to regenerate metal surfaces, making them stronger and more durable.

Recommended Uses

- Bicycle:
Race chains, derailleur pulleys, levers, etc.

- Hobby:
Miniature bearings, metal bearings, shafts, etc.

- Fishing Reels:
Spool bearings, handle knob bearings, spool shafts, etc.

Capacity: 15ml
Container: PET container with a dropper