[GOLD Works] TAKUMI Bearings “for Bait Reel Spool” (KATO Style/HA, KATO Style, HONDA Style, Long Cast Style, Long Cast Style Chinning Custom, TAI KAN Style)

[GOLD Works] TAKUMI Bearings “for Bait Reel Spool” (KATO Style/HA, KATO Style, HONDA Style, Long Cast Style, Long Cast Style Chinning Custom, TAI KAN Style)

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Product Description

GOLD Works presents an original project.
The first installment is the meticulously crafted “TAKUMI Bearings.”
Just bearings? No, in reels, bearings are everything.
A lineup of six types tailored to various uses is available.
Step into the world of self-satisfaction and experience the difference.

“TAKUMI Bearings”

Bearings are selected from a large number of domestic bearing units based on strict criteria.
After passing through meticulous processes, only 30% make it to the final product.

Please experience the difference in feeling.

The lineup focuses on the “durability” and “precision” required for internal drive system bearings.
A large number of base bearings are hand-selected and coated one by one.
Only those that meet the standards are shielded again at the factory.

Size Lineup

“KATO Style/HA” *Micro BB for Bait Finesse

Upgraded from the KATO style for even higher rotation specifications.
Small-diameter bearings are used, tuned for higher initial speed with less force.
Additionally, the bearings are coated with Glitch’s Runbike (low-viscosity oil) to form an oil film, reducing noise.
This highly specialized item requires time for brake settings.

- 730×730
- 630×630

“KATO Style” *Bait Finesse/Plugging

Treated with low-viscosity oil, this style allows for smoother starts with less force, making low-trajectory approaches possible.
When combined with a bait finesse-compatible spool, the effect is even greater.
It is recommended for general bait finesse and those who frequently use light plugging.

- 1030×1030
- 1030×1150
- 1030×830
- 1150×830
- 830×830

“HONDA Style” *Medium-weight Versatile

A meticulous blend of medium and low-viscosity oils is used for treatment, significantly reducing bearing noise and achieving a “pleasant cast” and “sensitive retrieve.”
It is recommended for those who mainly use heavier lures and winding baits.

- 1030×1030
- 1030×1150
- 1030×830
- 1150×830

“Long Cast Style” *Long Distance

Bearings are broken in with special equipment and soaked in ultra-low-viscosity oil, creating bearings close to dry for long-distance casting.
This model is ideal for bank fishing or wading, where extra casting distance is desired with heavier lures.
It is slightly noisier than other models.

- 1030×1030
- 1030×1150
- 1030×830
- 1150×830

“Long Cast Style Chinning (Black Bream Fishing) Custom” *Saltwater-Compatible Model

Factory-tuned based on the Long Cast Style for Chinning (Black Bream Fishing) experts.
Designed for continuous casting and retrieving in Chinning (Black Bream Fishing) games, it features a half-shield type for oil durability and rust prevention.
Further coated compared to the Long Cast Style, with the oil changed to Glitch Oil “Passive” by FIVEFOCUS.
It offers a milder cast feel, allowing for all-day casting without worrying about oil depletion.
Suitable for not only Chinning (Black Bream Fishing) but also Seabass and Rockfish games.

- 1030×1030
- 1030×1150
- 1030×830

“TAI KAN Style” *Saltwater-Compatible Model

Selected anti-rust base bearings are repeatedly broken in and coated, then treated with high-viscosity anti-rust oil, making these bearings suitable for vertical use.
Red Seabream Fishing (TAI RUBBER) expert “Mr. Shuhara extensively uses it” and a representative of Kaiyu “Mr. Hayashi,” both of whom practice hands-on fishing.
It provides smooth rotation and light winding, increasing the information conveyed to the angler.
Suppressing bearing rotation reduces fall speed without relying on mechanical brakes, thereby reducing unnecessary line trouble during falls and at the bottom. Suitable for Red Seabream Fishing (TAI RUBBER) and Bait TENYA, Cutlassfish, and Squid metal fishing (IKA METAL).

- 1030×1030
- 1030×1150
- 1030×1040

Installation and Maintenance of TAKUMI Bearings

TAKUMI Bearings are oil-treated at the time of shipment and can be used as is.
To maximize performance, please check the following instructions.


1. Open the package, wipe off excess oil with a tissue or paper, and install it as is.

2. Rotate the handle and check for any abnormal noises.

3. Remove the spool again, wipe off any scattered oil, and reassemble.


1. Use the recommended grease oil indicated on the package or oil of a similar viscosity.

2. For regular maintenance, add more oil. If dirt or debris causes rotation issues, use a parts cleaner to degrease, dry thoroughly, and reapply oil.

(Rest assured that cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner will not remove the coating.)

3. Avoid applying grease, as it may significantly reduce performance.

*Resistance is minimized for long-distance models compared to other models, which may result in noticeable noise. In such cases, lightly apply low-viscosity oil to the bearing contact area using a fine brush. Be careful not to apply too much, which may impair the original rotation performance.