[LIVRE] C/BF 78 Handle

[LIVRE] C/BF 78 Handle

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Model Manufacturer Type Center Nut Pitch (mm) Weight (g) Product No. Item No.
C/BF 78 SHIMANO Right 878 18.3 CBFRS78-FA-BKB-FP 11250
Left CBFLS78-FA-BKB 11251
DAIWA/Abu Right 18.1 CBFRD78-FA-BKB 11252
Left CBFLD78-FA-BKB 11253
DAIWA B1 19.0 CBFB178-FA-BKB 11254

*Some models of SHIMANO CALCUTTA series are compatible with DAIWA models.

Main Plate Titanium Knob Center Nut Aluminum Knob Collar Knob End Cap
Black Black (IP) Black Black Black

LIVRE HANDLE compatibility

Product Description

Ultralight Bait Finesse Custom Handle
C/BF 78

Weighing only 18.1g, the Lightest Model

The plate is designed with an optimal balance of "strength" and "lightness" by thoroughly pursuing the conflicting aspects of "strength" and "lightness" through a review of details as well.
LIVRE's lightest titanium knob, "Fino Air NEW!, is equipped with a black IP finish on the surface, and the end knob cap is now made of black duracon.
The lightest model weighs 18.1g, 0.24 g/1 piece (0.48g in total), lighter than the regular "Fino Air" knob.
(Reference: Lightest model in C/BF Black: 22.7g)
The center nut is also specially designed for the C/BF and has been thoroughly lightened to achieve the lightest operability and high sensitivity.
LIVRE craftsmen have put their heart and soul into this product, realizing lightweight operability and high sensitivity.

Lighter Fino Air knob
End knob caps are now made of black duracon.
The lightest model weighs 18.1g, 0.24 g/1 piece (0.48g in total), lighter than the standard "Fino Air" knob.
(Reference: C/BF Black lightest model 22.7g)
The Fino Air knob on the C/BF 78 has an ion plating process that forms a chic black coating.
A positive charge of evaporation particles is made to stay on the surface of the titanium knob by passing them through a plasma, and a negative charge is applied to the substrate to attract the evaporation particles to form a coating.
This results in a titanium knob with an ultra-hard, corrosion- and abrasion-resistant coating on the surface that is resistant to abrasion, friction, and peeling.