[Fishman] BRIST VAJRADANA 10XH (Rod)

[Fishman] BRIST VAJRADANA 10XH (Rod)

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A Shore Jigging Rod with Hand Balance for Lively Jigging

Introducing the new 10XH to the Bajura Dhana series, a rod designed with a flexible action at its core philosophy to ensure safety during fights on unstable terrain and sustained casting stability.

Maintaining the fundamental concept of "softness overcoming hardness," the design and balance of the rod are entirely different, specialized in handling jigs.

The 11XH, geared towards plugging, features a regular taper, whereas the 10XH, intended primarily for jigs, has a regular fast taper.
The 11XH is designed to feel tip-heavy for downward motion with dive pens, while the 10XH has a hand-weighted balance and a lively tip to facilitate the upward jigging motion.

This lively tip also makes handling activities like minnow jerking and jig minnow lifting exceptionally easy.
It's worth noting that casting heavy dive pens, such as those weighing 100-120g, is easier with the 10XH compared to the 11XH.

The grip follows the design of the 11XH.
It is crafted to ensure any grip style allows for "hand-winding" without compromise, ready-to-face fighters on rough shores.


Like the 11XH, it features an EVA foregrip, designed to make hand winding easy regardless of the grip style.


The blanks are designed with a taper that provides the power to handle large bluefish while ensuring flexibility for stable casting and safe fights on unstable terrain.

Engraving Inspired by the Ancient Indian Weapon (Vajra)

Comes with a dedicated soft case.

Be Mindful of Joint Loosening

Due to the characteristics of pack rods, repeated casting may cause the joints to loosen.
If each joint is not securely connected, it can lead to joint damage or rod breakage.
Applying ferrule wax can prevent the joints from coming loose during casting, protect against water-induced sticking, and safeguard the joint sections.
We recommend checking the joints for tightness after several casts and using ferrule wax.


Total length: 305cm (10ft)
Number of joints: 3-piece
Pack length: 106cm Grip length: 84cm Weight: 430g Material: 4-axis carbon Guide: K guide titanium + stainless
Lure weight: 40-120g
Line: PE2-8

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Overseas Manufacturers
Seigler SM, Avet MXJ5.8MC, Avet JX6.0MC, Maxel HY20JPN, Maxel Transformer F30/F40/F50