[LIVRE] POWER 93 Jigging & Casting Handle Power Handle Spinning Handle

[LIVRE] POWER 93 Jigging & Casting Handle Power Handle Spinning Handle

Our Selling Price: US$226.10+ [Regular Price: US$323.00]

Prices vary according to options.

Color (Handle Plate/Center Nut):
Color (Handle Plate/Center Nut):
Handle Knob/Knob Color:

Our Selling Price: US$226.10+ [Regular Price: US$323.00]

LIVRE Ordering Days Notes

* Please note that it takes about 4 to 5 days for us to get ready to send LIVRE handles since it's back-ordered after receiving your order.

[Knob Type Selection]
EP 40 EP 44 EP 50
PT 42 PT 48 PT 52
[Knob Color Selection]
*Color samples are PT 48.
Fire Brown (IP)

Model Manufacturer Type Reel Size Pitch (mm) Weight (g) Product No. Item No.
POWER 93 SHIMANO (Right) 8000-14000 93 115 PW93-SR814 1119*
18000-20000 117 PW93-SR182 1122*
SHIMANO (Left) 8000-14000 115 PW93-SL814 1120*
18000-20000 117 PW93-SL182 1123*
DAIWA Early 4500-5500
Latest 8000-14000
106 PW93-D455 1121*
Early 6000-8000
Latest 18000-20000
115 PW93-D680 1124*
Main Plate Titanium Knob Center Nut Aluminum Knob Collar Knob End Cap Item No.
Gunmetal Fire Gold Gold Gunmetal 1
Gunmetal Titanium Titanium Gunmetal 2
Titanium Gold Gold Titanium 4
Titanium Red Red Titanium 6
Gunmetal Red Red Gunmetal 7
Gunmetal Blue Blue Gunmetal 8
Titanium Blue Blue Titanium 9

LIVRE HANDLE compatibility

Product Description

Get the Rhythm! POWER 93

Inheriting the Full Legacy and Trust of POWER

The POWER 93, positioned between POWER 88 and 98, emphasizes the rhythm of jigging and casting.
Responding to feedback that 88mm is slightly short and 98mm is slightly long, we have set the pitch at 93mm.
Equipped with the thin-walled hollow titanium knob “PT 52”, it demonstrates its power even in power fights with extremely large fish.

A7075 Super Duralumin H Cross-Section 3D Machining
Super duralumin is an aluminum alloy known as “A7075” in the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).
It excels in stress resistance and is used for thick plates and forged products.
This is processed with high-precision machining into an H cross-section 3D cut. While prioritizing high rigidity, the maximum meat removal is possible only with machining.

Equipped with Thin-Walled Hollow Titanium Knob PT 52
In parallel with the long-pitch plate, the newly developed thin-walled hollow titanium knob “PT 52” is a pentagonal thin-walled hollow titanium knob with an overall uneven surface, focusing on finger contact.
It has a grip that is hard to slip off even when lightly gripped, and when gripped with force, it fits comfortably in the hand, allowing you to feel a comfort that is unimaginable by its appearance.