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Continuously Challenging the Limits

The ShoreR94S is a big game rod designed for rock shore fishing.

The ShoreR94S has been tested in various fields, including the Tugela Islands, Yakushima, Sado, and the Republic of Gabon.
It is a rod that targets GT, ISOMAGURO (Dogtooth Tuna), and HIRAMASA (Yellowtail Kingfish).

Big game fishing from the shore typically involves expeditions.
You’ll board planes, travel to remote islands by ferry, and traverse rocky shores.
During six years of testing, we experienced countless hardships and frustrations, but we were all blown away instantly by the ultimate moments we encountered.

To increase the chances within the limited time and opportunities, it’s natural to change spots and even islands, moving closer to the fish.
We want you to feel the benefits of a multi-piece rod with the ShoreR94S.
The ShoreR94S offers a light-casting feel and comfort.
Even under harsh conditions, you can continue to challenge the monsters.

The rod has moderate tension throughout, making operating sinking minnows and pencils comfortable—it’s top-notch.
You can breathe life into the lure.
The ShoreR94S rod has been refined and improved as a tough and rugged companion for big game dreams.

Length: 9.4 ft
Closed Length: 770 mm
Piece: 4
CastWeight: 70 - 160 g
PE: #5 - #10
Rod Wt: 393 g
Drag: 15 kg (60°)
Remarks: Mixed titanium and SiC guides (TKTTG, TKLSG, TKWSG)

The Genre of ShoreR94S

We aimed to create the ultimate rod from the shore.
The foundation of TRANSCENDENCE is based on overseas fishing trips.
Versatility was necessary to face any monster fish.
The elements required for shore casting include rod length, strength, bend curve, grip length, weight, and more.

The ShoreR94S has been developed to meet the specs capable of facing monster fish in any domestic or international field.
It has been completed as a genre of versatile rods for shore casting.

Compactness is key for access to rock shores and overseas fields.
Access to the rocky shore isn’t limited to just ferries.
Even in such fields, the ShoreR94S takes advantage of being a four-piece rod, allowing free use of both hands for access.
You can safely challenge even the most difficult access points with the rod on your back.

ShoreR94S|Fishing style

The ShoreR94S is a rod born to target big fish from shores domestically and internationally.
Japan targets GT, ISOMAGURO (Dogtooth Tuna), and HIRAMASA (Yellowtail Kingfish) from the shore.
Internationally, it was developed to target Tarpon, Roosterfish, and Cubera Snapper.

The feature of the ShoreR94S is its length of 9.4 ft and a surprising lightness that you wouldn’t expect from its thick butt.
Every angler will be amazed by its agility.
We also focused on the bend curve.
It’s not just a stiff rod, but one that bends and is strong.
This is a very important element for monster game fishing from the shore.


For example, casting.
The ShoreR94S can prevent exhaustion and maintain concentration due to its proper bending.

The moment for monsters is fleeting.
Only those who have their lures swimming at that moment can experience the bliss.
Continue casting silently until the time comes.
Maintaining physical strength and concentration is indispensable for that.

The ShoreR94S blanks use the highest-quality transcendence materials designed to maximize breaking strength.
The bend is set to a regular action, reducing the angler’s burden during a fight.
At the same time, the blanks have sufficient restorative power, allowing the rod to continue applying pressure to the fish automatically.

Cosmetics & Rod parts

Length of 9.4 ft|LENGTH

The length of the ShoreR94S was determined after numerous prototypes.
It started at 10.8 ft.
From there, it went to the early 10ft range, then the late 9 ft range, and finally settled at 9.4 ft.

After casting for more than 8 hours a day, this length allows you to finish without fatigue and swing any lure from small to large without being selective about the spot.

There are many stronger and longer rods on the market.
The reason why ShoreR94S became the choice is the result of traveling the world and seeking versatility.

Committed to Quality

The ShoreR94S is designed to handle many lures, from diving pencils to poppers and sinking pencils.
The flexible blanks follow the movements of long jerks and short jerks.
The force inputted is transferred by the rebound strength of the blanks to the lure, allowing you to control the strong jerk of the sinking pencil, the smooth dive of the pencil, and the splash of the popper as the angler wishes.

Guide Setting

The suitable reel for the ShoreR94S is from 14000 to 20000 series.
The guide setting is adjusted accordingly.
The top guide diameter is 16, so the line release is smooth even with a main line of 8-10 and a leader of 80.


We have been thoroughly committed to the blanks: strength and resilience, lightness and flexibility.
It took a lot of work to achieve both.
The final rod weight is 393 g.
Considering the rod’s balance, you will feel its lightness when you hold it.

HIRAMASA (Yellowtail Kingfish), KIHADA (Yellowfin Tuna), and southern GT.
It’s the perfect rod for any target.


The ShoreR94S has been made easy to handle for anglers who dream big.
It’s not just a stiff rod but one that becomes familiar to the angler, serving as a tool that connects the angler and fish at a higher level.
Even after casting for 7 hours, the angler’s burden is minimal, and you can catch the dream target.
It has such potential.
Please try this rod, which has been tested domestically and internationally.

Tester Impression

From Tarpon to GT and HIRAMASA (Yellowtail Kingfish)

The original ShoreR was a rod created to face Tarpon exceeding 100kg directly under the equator in the Republic of Gabon.
We wanted to create a rod like a Racing Spec that targets from the shore.
That’s the sentiment behind the name ShoreR94S.

During the three years of the pandemic, it became difficult to travel abroad easily.
During that period, development did not stop and continued to evolve, and improvements were made to make it easier to use for domestic targets.
Lightness is important for casting 9 hours daily to catch Tarpon, which you do for a week.

Of course, you need blank power to go toe-to-toe with targets over 30 kg.
The evolved ShoreR, packed with these elements, became a rod that can target domestic HIRAMASA (Yellowtail Kingfish) and GT, ISOMAGURO (Dogtooth Tuna), and international Tarpon and Kingfish.

The blanks’ length, perfected through trial and error, is 9.4 ft.
It’s not just a stiff rod, not just a rod that casts far, but a versatile shore casting rod equipped with the necessary distance, lightness, and power for battle.
The development period was 6 years.
Finally, the ShoreR94S has taken shape.
We want to carry this rod and converse with the shore monsters of the world.
It’s a shore casting rod we’d like you to try at least once.

Masaaki Katayama


I use the multi-piece rod ShoreR94S to target large fish from the shore in the south.
The main field is remote islands accessed by ferry, and it’s no exaggeration to say that this rod was made for that purpose, with many advantages.

Firstly, the usual large rod case is unnecessary when boarding the ferry if it’s a pack rod.
This reduces the amount of luggage and eliminates the need to check in containers, saving time and effort in handling luggage.
On the remote islands, renting a car is common, but here again, the advantage of not needing a rod case comes into play.

Not needing a rod case means you can choose any car type; even a compact car can accommodate multiple people.
I’ve rented a light truck during the homecoming and tourist high seasons when car reservations are not available.

The ShoreR94S has a closed length of 770 mm.
It’s composed of 4 pieces, and when bundled, it stores neatly compared to 5 or 6-piece rods, making it easier to attach to a backpack or similar when carrying multiple types of rods.

The 770 mm length may not fit entirely inside a backpack, but it can be attached to the back or backpack without sticking out above the head or behind the buttocks.
This makes it less likely to bump the rod and reduces the risk of unexpected damage or breakage when walking through mountain trails, rocky shores, narrow boats, or indoors.

Ryo Miyaguchi