[SHIMANO Genuine] Genuine Line Roller for 24 TWIN POWER C2000S, C2500SXG (13XYD)

[SHIMANO Genuine] Genuine Line Roller for 24 TWIN POWER C2000S, C2500SXG (13XYD)

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Product Description

This is a genuine line roller installed on a Vanquish.

The line rollers of these models are equipped with a core protect function, which means that the line roller main unit and the line roller bearing are integrated and cannot be disassembled.
Therefore, if you want to replace a rusted or poorly rotating bearing, the only way is to replace the entire line roller.

It is also impossible to add bearings.

Quantity: 1 pc.

Compatible Models

- 23 Vanquish
( 1000SSSPG, C2000S, C2000SHG, C2500S, C2500SXG )

*23 Vanquish 2500S, 2500SHG, C3000SDH, C3000SDHHG, C3000MHG, C3000XG, 3000MHG, 4000MHG, 4000XG, C5000XG are different part numbers.

( C2000S, C2500SXG )

*24 TWIN POWER 2500S, 2500SHG, C3000, C3000MHG, C3000XG, 3000MHG, 4000M, 4000PG, 4000MHG, 4000XG, C5000XG are different part numbers.

Installation Method

Since all genuine line rollers are similar in construction, we will use the 14 STELLA as an example to explain replacing a genuine line roller.

Remove the bolt securing the line roller.

Depending on the condition of the reel, the bolt may be stuck, so be careful not to crush the threads when removing the bolt.


Depending on the reel type, the screw thread may be a flathead screw or a Torx screw.
Please prepare a screwdriver suitable for your reel.

When the screws are removed, six parts can be removed.
Replace the line roller with a new one.

After replacing the line roller with a new one, assemble the parts in the above-numbered order.

First, install part (1).
This part has an installation orientation, so install it correctly according to its shape.

After installation, keep holding down part (1) with your finger, as shown in the photo, until the work is completed.
If the force is too loose and the part is displaced, it will not be installed correctly.

Attach part (2).

Attach the main unit of the line roller as shown in (3).


There is an orientation for attaching the line roller.
If you look at the side of the line roller, you will see that the width of the grooves on both sides is different. The narrower side should face the bail side, and the wider side should face the fixing bolt side.

Attach part (4).

Attach the plate (5).

Raise the arm, correctly fit the tip of (1), and fix it with the bolt.

Finally, check that the parts are correctly installed and that the line roller rotates appropriately.
If there are no problems, the work is complete.