[Fishman] Beams blancsierra 4.8UL LIMITED (Rod)

[Fishman] Beams blancsierra 4.8UL LIMITED (Rod)

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■Casting Accuracy, Operability, and Taste are all limited

4.8 is "Elegant".
The blancsierra 4.8UL has a limited model in its lineup.
The 4.8UL, known for its casting accuracy and operability, is equipped with handmade cosmetics and a wood + aluminum grip, satisfying the sense of use and the desire to own.
The 4.8UL, whose concept combines the "distance" of 5.2UL and the "operability" of 3.9UL, reduces backlash by picking up the release point's mistakes with its bend.
Combined with the effective delay during the take-back, the lure is sucked into the pin spot.
Another feature, the intense "tension," makes actions such as shakes and twitches easy and earns an unbelievable distance for a 4ft rod.
It's a rod that has spared no expense, surprising not only with its gorgeous appearance but also with the initial speed of the lure and the ease of shooting a low-bounce liner.

[Reel Seat]

The Fishman original reel seat is made of aluminum.

[Wood Grip + Wood Forenut]

A wooden end grip + foregut is standard equipment.
The feel, appearance, and "sound" when setting the reel and tightening it fascinates the angler's five senses.
Grip material: Sandalwood Features: Hardwood.
The material is hard, dense, heavy, glossy, and has little warping, so it is also used for high-end furniture.

[Butt Part Cosmetics]

Adopted thread and decorative winding reminiscent of handmade.
The logo and product name use cursive, and the design is finished in a handmade style.
Traditional yet somewhat new.

[Anniversary Engraving]

*This product does not have the "10th Anniversary" engraving.


The blanks, which have a crisp impression when swung, have an internal structure design that bends gnarly during casting and biting, so they can increase distance and entangle fish.

■4 steps to firmly fix the reel

The Beams blancsierra 4.8UL LIMITED uses a metal reel seat, so if it is tightened even slightly off, it may not be able to be fixed properly. However, if you follow the 4 steps below, you can fix it firmly.

1. Check if there is any foreign matter inside.
2. After confirming that there is nothing, place the foot on the center of the reel seat
3. Push the foot firmly downwards
4. Tighten

■Please be careful about the looseness of the joint

Due to the characteristics of the pack rod, the joint may loosen as you cast.
If each joint is not firmly connected, it can damage the joint part or the rod breaking.
Applying ferrule wax can prevent falling out during casting and protect the joint part by preventing sticking that occurs after moisture intrusion.
We recommend checking after casting several times to see if the joint is loose and using ferrule wax.


Total length: 146 cm (4.8 ft)
Number of joints: 3 pieces
Storage size: 51.5 cm
Grip length: 20 cm
Self-weight: 145 g (±6 g)
Material: 4-axis carbon + glass material
Guide: K guide titanium + stainless
ルアーウェイト:2-7 g
Lure weight: 2-7 g Line: 3-6 lb/PE 0.5-1