[Fishman] Beams RIPLOUT 9.0M+ (Rod)

[Fishman] Beams RIPLOUT 9.0M+ (Rod)

Our Selling Price: US$498.26 [Regular Price: US$711.80]


■Delivering all types of lures to the mouths of meter-over fish lurking in "Distant Pins"

Versatility, casting distance, operability, rod power.
Together with VENDAVAL 8.9M, all these features are highly integrated into the long-standing Fishman's famous rod "Beams RIPLOUT 7.8ML".
This rod is desired to be used in a wider range of situations.
There must be many anglers who think so.
When width = length is perceived, the situations that can be captured expand dramatically.
The demand was found in RIPLOUT 9.0M+.
It is common for Seabass lures to be 30 g-60 g.
The aim is to make it more comfortable and easy to handle, not only large lures but also small and regular-sized lures comfortably "far offshore."
The goal was to maximize the 9-foot length and achieve "extraordinary versatility that does not choose the situation."

In addition to the operability that cannot be imagined with a long rod that can easily move a big pencil, a grip design is set short to not interfere with rod work during wading.
The super versatile power rod RIPLOUT 9.0M + is unlike just a hard power rod.
This rod, which makes the delusion of "all lures to distant pins" a reality, is one I want to deliver to anglers seriously aiming for large sea bass at various fishing spots nationwide.


Comfortably and easily handle small plugs of 8g to lures over 60g.
A taper design that pursues versatility to the utmost.

■Around the grip

A grip design of exquisite length that realizes operability that cannot be imagined with a long rod and does not choose where to use it.


A guide setting that thoroughly eliminates power loss and conveys the power and sensitivity of the entire blanks to the hand without leaving.
Comes with a dedicated soft case.

■Please be careful about the looseness of the joint

Due to the characteristics of the pack rod, the joint may loosen as you cast.
If each joint is not firmly connected, it can damage the joint part or the rod breaking.
Applying ferrule wax can prevent falling out during casting and protect the joint part by preventing sticking that occurs after moisture intrusion.
After casting several times, we recommend checking that the joint is not loose and using ferrule wax.


Total length: 274 cm (9.0 ft)
Number of joints: 3 pieces
Storage size: 106 cm
Grip length: 46 cm
Self-weight: 258 g
Material: 4-axis carbon
Guide: K guide titanium + stainless
Lure weight: 8-60 g
Line: PE 1-5