[LIVRE] Fairy 36 (Spinning Reel Handle)

[LIVRE] Fairy 36 (Spinning Reel Handle)

Our Selling Price: US$146.30+ [Regular Price: US$209.00+]

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Our Selling Price: US$146.30+ [Regular Price: US$209.00+]

livre handle

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[Knob Color Selection]
Silver Fire Brown (IP)
Model Manufacturer Type Pitch (mm) Weight (g) Product No. Item No.
Fairy 36 SHIMANO S2 36 14.7 FY36-FAS2 1103*
DAIWA 13.5 FY36-FAD1 1104*
Main Plate Skirt Titanium Knob Center Bolt Knob Collar Knob End Cap Item No.
Black Black Silver Fire Blue Black Black 1
Titanium Titanium 2

Product Description

Necessary Bare Minimum Thing!
Fairy 36

Packed with Metal Material
In light game fishing, where delicacy is paramount, "lightweight" is a fundamental element.
This is complemented by the potential of a high-functioning spinning reel to deliver a premium winding feel, additional information at one's fingertips, and the pursuit of LIVRE's distinctive features in metal material.

Ultra-Lightweight! Merely 13.5 g
The weight for the DAIWA type is 13.5 g, and the SHIMANO S2 type is 14.7g

Consciously Broadening the Scope for Finesse Methods
The comfort of retrieval is preserved while consciously broadening the scope for finesse methods, resulting in a meticulously set handle length of 36mm.
It allows for linear winding when needed and controls excessive rotation when less is desired.
The 30mm-range short handle integrates a variable start, ease of speed change, and enriched winding sensitivity. For area trout, it facilitates consistent speed for meticulous winding, and for Ajing, it enables linear winding and delicate luring at a high level of control.

Features the Zero-Gravity Thin-Walled Hollow Titanium Knob, Fino Air
The knob's exterior is more refined than its interior, with a cross-section featuring a subtle contour.
This innovative shape overturns traditional knob concepts, enabling precise line control for finesse methods, vigorous luring and hooking with variable reeling speeds, and the capability to handle large fish.