[Avail] ABU Microcast Spool for Morrum SX 1600C/1601C MAG [SXMG1618R]

[Avail] ABU Microcast Spool for Morrum SX 1600C/1601C MAG [SXMG1618R]

Our Selling Price: US$100.10 [Regular Price: US$143.00]


ABU Morrum SX 1600C/1601C for MAG

Model Name


Product Introduction

This microcast spool is exclusively for ABU Morrum SX 1600C/1601C MAG (magnet brake type).
The spool weight and line capacity have been reduced to lighten the entire spool significantly.
This improves the spool response, enables the casting of light lures such as 5 g - 2 g, and increases the casting distance of lures of the same weight.




Basic Specifications

- Spool diameter/width
33 mm / 23 mm

- Spool body material
Super duralumin (colored by anodizing)

- Spool shaft material
Super duralumin (anodized-white)

- Brake disc material
Super duralumin (anodized-black)

- Drive pin material
Stainless steel

- Installed bearing
MS-SXMG1618R: Outer diameter 10 mm x Inner diameter 4 mm x Thickness x 4 mm
Genuine: Outer diameter 10 mm x Inner diameter 4 mm x Thickness 4 mm

- Compatible reels
Morrum SX 1600C, 1601C MAG

*Morrum SX Hi-Speed/IVCB/ULTRA MAG/ZX series are not compatible

*We do not sell drive pins separately. We cannot respond to inquiries about them.
Therefore, please avoid damaging or losing them when replacing the bearings.


Spool Weight Weight ratio
MS_SXMG1618R 7 g 54 %
Genuine spool 13.0 g -

*The weight may vary slightly depending on the production lot.

Line Capacity

PE #0.4 #0.6 #0.8
MS_SXMG1618R 100 m 80 m 60 m
Nylon #1 (4lb)
Diameter: 0.165 mm
#1.5 (6lb)
Diameter: 0.205 mm
#2 (8lb)
Diameter: 0.235 mm
MS_SXMG1618R 60 m 40 m 30 m

- Measured using SHIMANO "Pitbull 4 (PE)".
- Measured using Yamatoyo Tegusu Co., Ltd. "Versatile Design (Nylon)."
*The above values are measured by winding the line up to the spool rim C surface.

Laser Marking

The spool side has the "model name" and "line capacity" marked by laser for identification purposes.

Brake Disc

On the palming side of MS-SXMG1618R, a brake disc is installed.


This product is a light tackle spool that sacrifices some strength to improve the casting distance of light lures.
Especially when using nylon lines, there is a risk of spool damage due to the swelling and contraction caused by the water absorption characteristic of nylon.
Please be careful not to leave the line wound, apply too much tension when winding the line, press the spool and jerk it when removing a snag, or pull and cut it, as these may also cause damage.