[Avail] ABU Microcast Brake [MB-SXHS16] Exclusive for MS-SXHS1618R

[Avail] ABU Microcast Brake [MB-SXHS16] Exclusive for MS-SXHS1618R

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Microcast Brake exclusively for Microcast Spool MS-SXHS1618R

Model Name


Product Introduction

This is a part of converting the microcast spool for ABU Ambassadeur Morrum SX1600C/SX1601C Hi-Speed to a magnet brake specification.
This product is a magnet brake exclusively for Avail’s Microcast Spool MS-SXHS1618R.
It helps reduce backlash when casting lightweight lures.
You can adjust the braking force by changing the number of magnets.


Basic specifications

- Product contents
Magnet brake unit x 1
Magnet diameter 4 mm x thickness 5 mm x 4 pieces

- Material
Material Body: Polyacetal resin (POM)
Magnet: Neodymium magnet φ4×5 (4 pieces)

- Maximum number of magnets
diameter 4 mm x thickness 5 mm can be installed
(4 pieces of magnet diameter 4 mm x thickness 5 mm are included at the time of purchase)

- Weight
5.9 g

- Compatible reels
"Microcast Spool MS-SXHS1618R installed"
ABU Morrum SX 1600C, SX 1601C Hi-Speed

- Compatible spool
MS-SXHS1618R only
*Cannot be used with genuine spool and spool other than MS-SXHS1618R.

How to Install the Magnet Brake

Attach the magnet brake body to the handle side of the body.
(The attachment position is the convex part inside the handle unit.)
*Please note that it cannot be attached to the convex part inside the palming side.
Arrange the magnets so that the N pole and S pole alternate.
If you experience backlash, increase the number of magnets.
If the brake is too strong, reduce the number or replace it with a thinner magnet sold separately.
The included magnets are 4 pieces, but up to 6 pieces can be installed.