[STUDIO Ocean Mark] Ocean Barrier (Rust Prevention and Rust Inhibitor)

[STUDIO Ocean Mark] Ocean Barrier (Rust Prevention and Rust Inhibitor)

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STUDIO Ocean Mark "Ocean Barrier"

All salt anglers are worried about "rust" caused by seawater.
All metals in the tackle box cannot escape from rust.
SOM has long been focusing on vaporizable rust inhibitors (which prevent the rusting of metals by diffusing their components in a sealed space).
However, conventional vaporizable rust inhibitors are used for storage and marine transportation of industrial goods and are supposed to be used on new and stored items with no moisture on them. Therefore, hooks, pliers, reels, etc., rusted when they returned home from fishing expeditions.
Therefore, we conducted research and development with a chemical manufacturer and developed Ocean Barrier, a blend of "fast-acting ingredients" and "slow-acting ingredients" that exerts its rust-preventing effect when the package is opened.

Vaporizing rust inhibitor

A proprietary blend of ingredients sold for industrial use was reviewed to create a unique formula that begins working quickly and maintains its effectiveness for an extended period.
The diffused ingredients penetrate the remaining water in the tackle, so much so that the water becomes a rust inhibitor.
This effect lasts about 6 months for a small lure box and 3 months for a large container such as Dokat, assuming the lid is opened and closed often during weekly fishing trips.
It can also be used on daily tackle boxes, cloth bags, wooden racks to store reels, etc.

Packaging for fishing tackle

[Aluminum Bag]

Even if placed in a tackle box or splashed by fishing in the rain or during transportation, moisture will not penetrate the pack. It will not affect the chemicals contained in it.

[Flap Seal]

The porous portion is covered with a flap seal, like wet wipes.
Peel off the flap seal and place it in the tackle box.

Size: 95 x 75 mm, approx. 2 mm thick
Contents: 2 g of agent

Peel off the main body film and place it in the tackle box!