[TRY-ANGLE] Reel Socks

[TRY-ANGLE] Reel Socks

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"I want to store my precious reels without damaging them and without making them bulky."

Reel Socks are a new type of reel storage item born from this desire.

The socks are made of merino wool, a natural material that absorbs moisture and diffuses it outward as if it were breathing. It can be placed on both bait and spinning reels. The original elastic shape with a three-dimensional gusset, made possible by rootwatsocks' bag weaving technology, makes it possible to cover the reel with a rod, whether bait or spinning. It protects the reel from shocks during transportation, even in a car's tackle box or rod holder.

The rich surface area the pile weave creates on the inner surface also improves moisture absorption performance.
The pile weave provides high cushioning and removes moisture and humidity from the reel, protecting it from mold and rust.

In addition, merino wool is shrink-proof and washable (can be washed at home).
It is easy to wash even if it gets dirty so that you can use it even after a fishing trip with peace of mind.

The reel socks gently wrap around the reel body without being bulky. We hope you will use them on your favorite reels.

Reel Socks TRY-ANGLE (Black)

Reel Socks ISUZU REEL (Black)

Reel Socks TRY-ANGLE (Sand Beige)

Reel Socks ISUZU REEL (Sand Beige)

It can be worn while the reel is still attached to the rod

Original shape with excellent elasticity

Pile knit inside for cushioning and water absorbency

Fits a variety of reel shapes

TU-01 attachment example

Write the model name on the tag for easy organization!

New Color Sand Beige