[DAIWA] 23 BG SW 4000D-CXH, 5000D-CXH, 6000D-P, 6000D-H MAX8BB Upgrade Bearing Kit

[DAIWA] 23 BG SW 4000D-CXH, 5000D-CXH, 6000D-P, 6000D-H MAX8BB Upgrade Bearing Kit

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Prices vary according to options.

Bearing Type:


* The commercial product is the tuning kit, Not the fishing reel.
* Please select bearing type.

SHG bearing

The high-sensitive bearing whose rotary performance is terrific is for professional use. The products were carefully selected by hand work from the crowd of other bearings.
The rotational performance is superior to HRCB, and there is no rival for its ultimate smoothness.
This is the bearing to tune up for professional-use. It is very suitable for a high sensitivity reel to challenge by delicate tackle.

HRCB bearing

The new technique that metal itself is hard to get rusty very much by special manufacturing method is adopted.
The bearing is resistance to salt water.
And the derusting performance is more than ten times compared with SHG.
It makes rotation feeling like silky smoothness that's quite unique to HEDGEHOG STUDIO.
That helps tough fishing situation that requires both rotation performance and durability in a high level.
It is the next-generation anti-rust bearings for Salt Water angler.

How to choose bearings

SHG bearing : for freshwater fishing such as Bass/Trout or fishing which attaches importance to sensitivity by using light weight lures

HRCB bearing : for overall saltwater fishing which attaches importance to anti-rust effect
(Although you can use SHG bearing on saltwater fishing, HRCB bearing is more suitable because of its durability.)


* Adding 3 bearings is possible by the kit.

for 1 Bearing Line Roller System
- Line Roller Bearing x 1pc (SHG-630ZZ or HRCB-630ZHi)
- Roller Washer (RK) x 2 pcs

for 2 Bearing Handle Knob System
- Handle Knob Bearing x 2 pcs (SHG-740ZZ or HRCB-740ZHi)

- Illustration manual

*It is possible to add 3 bearings with this kit and perform MAX8BB full bearing tuning.


- for 1 Bearing Line Roller System

Since the genuine line roller does not contain a single bearing, it is possible to add a new bearing to make it a 1BB specification line roller.
(The 23 BG SW cannot structurally accommodate two bearings in the line roller, which is only available in 1BB specification.)

Replace the arrow metal & white plastic collars with bearings & roller washers.

The better rotation of the line roller prevents thread sagging, which keeps the line supple and improves durability and casting distance.

- for 2 Bearing Handle Knob System

Remove the handle knob cap using a genuine DAIWA tool (sold separately).

Replace the black plastic collar inside the handle knob with the handle knob bearing.
The number of washers depends on the reel, so please install it as originally.
If the handle knob does not rotate, please remove one washer.

One Point Advice

The black plastic color of the handle knob, but it may be hard to remove because it is deep in the knob.

A handle knob cap remover is very useful in these situations.

Parts located in deep places can be easily removed.

*When installing this kit, we will not touch the parts where the mag shield is built (the part under the rotor with the mag shield stamped). Therefore, please be assured that the mag shield will not come off during installation.

*It is easy to reassemble the parts and return the reel to its original condition.

Compatible Models

- 23 BG SW
( 4000D-CXH, 5000D-CXH, 6000D-P, 6000D-H )