HS-830AIR BFS SW inner diameter 3mm x outer diameter 8mm x thickness 4mm [AIR BFS SW Bearing]

HS-830AIR BFS SW inner diameter 3mm x outer diameter 8mm x thickness 4mm [AIR BFS SW Bearing]

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Product Description

AIR BFS is a new anti-rust bearing for saltwater applications that offers overwhelming rotational performance.
The AIR BFS (Bait Finesse Special) bearing has a detachable housing, allowing for the replacement of worn internal bearings.
The extremely small micro balls characteristic of AIR Bearings are made from high-precision stainless steel, providing excellent noise reduction during rotation.

The AIR BFS SW Bearing helps cast bait finesse and lightweight plugs in any field, whether freshwater or saltwater.

*AIR BFS SW bearings are double-sided shielded bearings.

AIR Bearing Technology

AIR BFS SW Bearing
AIR Bearing

AIR BFS SW Bearing

The AIR BFS SW bearing allows easy replacement of the main micro bearing from the outer housing by removing the built-in stopper ring.
This bearing has a high cost-performance ratio due to its easy-to-maintain construction.
Anti-rust micro bearings and stopper rings for replacement are also available separately.

Anti-rust micro bearings for replacement HRCB-630ZHi

Dedicated stopper ring 6 mm


* When fully casting a lure weighing 20g or more, the maximum reachable distance is about the same for all bearings, but the AIR bearing series is easier to control at short distances such as pitching.
(For lightweight lures weighing less than 20g, the AIR bearing series will increase the distance of a full cast compared to a regular bearing.)

* AIR BFS bearings are a cost-reduced version of AIR ceramic bearings.
It does not mean that AIR BFS bearings are more likely to produce greater distance when used in bait finesse than AIR ceramic bearings.
Even if only ultra-lightweight lures are used, the AIR ceramic bearing will provide superior total balance.

* If you want to use the highest performance bearing, choose the AIR Ceramic Series.
Lure weighing less than 20g → AIR Ceramic Bearing
Lure weighing more than 20g or used mostly in saltwater → AIR HD Ceramic Bearing

* The above recommended weights are for casting. Even heavier loads can be applied when not making full casts, such as jigging or offshore fishing.
(AIR Ceramic Bearing is recommended for offshore fishing when increasing the sinking speed of the trap is important, and AIR HD Ceramic Bearing is recommended for jigging main use.)

* All bearings can be used in saltwater, but the AIR HD ceramic bearing has the best corrosion resistance, followed by the ZHi bearing.