[Avail] ABU Mechanical Brake Knob Type 3 BCAL-25C-3 for Ambassadeur 2500C

[Avail] ABU Mechanical Brake Knob Type 3 BCAL-25C-3 for Ambassadeur 2500C

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Product Description

Avail original mechanical brake knob for ABU Ambassadeur 2500C.

Seven colors are available.
Color coordination is possible with a spool retainer, handle nut, knob cap, etc. (sold separately).

The knurled eye is different from the conventional BCAL-25C.
*The BCAL-25C-2 (Type 2) and BCAL-25C-3 (Type 3) knurled eyes are the same process.
Customers can choose the design according to the shape and intended use.

In BCAL-25C-3, a new mechanical brake adjustment mark is newly adopted.

As with genuine parts, the above adjustment marks can be used with the scale on the reel's main body.






Champagne Gold




Basic Specifications

- Material
Super duralumin

- Size
Height: approx. 8.0 mm
Depth: approx. 6.9 mm (depth outside the inner tier)

- Weight
1.1 g (Genuine: 2.9 g)

Compatible Reels
ABU Ambassadeur
*Not compatible with 1500CA Limited and 3500CA Limited.
Ambassadeur LITE
OLD Ambassadeur 5000/5000C/5500C spool cap
(mechanical brake knob on handle side) etc.

Installation method

Using 2500CIAR, this section explains the procedure for replacing the mechanical brake knob.
Please proceed with the replacement work according to the following procedure.
Please be careful not to damage or lose any parts.

Remove the genuine mechanical brake knob.
When removing the mechanical brake knob, turn it counterclockwise (counterclockwise) to remove it since it is fixed with a cap type.

The genuine mechanical brake knob can now be removed.
Next, remove the copper plate inside the mechanical brake.

Use tweezers or similar tools to make it easier to remove the copper plate.
The genuine mechanical brake knob contains two #5145 copper plates.
In this explanation, the copper plates will be replaced simultaneously.
*If the copper plates are scratched or dented, there is a high possibility that this will cause a decrease in the spool's rotational performance or abnormal noise.
If scratches or dents are noticeable, replacement is recommended.

Prepare BCAL-25C-3 and a set of 2 copper plates #5145 compatible (sold separately).

Please insert the new copper plate into the BCAL-25C-3 and replace it.

Apply a small amount of oil to the spool shaft side of the replaced copper plate.
Lubricating the spool shaft will reduce resistance and noise when the spool shaft rubs against the copper plate.
However, too much oiling can decrease rotational performance, so please be careful when lubricating.

After applying oil, install BCAL-25C-3 on the reel main body.
When installing, turn the reel clockwise to the right.

After installation, while loosening the mechanical brake knob, set the spool to a level that does not "catapult" to the left or right.

Set the setting to "0 (zero)" and align the dot (mark) on the mechanical brake knob with the scale on the reel's main body.
After that, adjust the mechanical brake according to the balance of the used tackle.
The BCAL-25C-3 has a dot (mark), so the "0" position is easy to find.

The replacement work for BCAL-25C-3 and #5145 compatible 2-piece set is complete.