[TRANSCENDENCE] Batuta 80S (Rod)

[TRANSCENDENCE] Batuta 80S (Rod)

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Lightweight Multi-piece Rods

Batuta80S is a light spinning rod that can be adjusted to 6.7ft and 8ft.

Its versatility is evident from the casting weight, which focuses on light games in general.
It has been thoroughly tested for eging, as well as sea bass games, chinning, mebaru games, light rock games, and all types of easy fishing to cover serious games.


Length: 6.7 - 8.0 ft
Closed Length: 460 mm
Piece: 6+1
CastWeight: 3 - 21 g
PE: #0.4 - #1
Rod Wt: 94 g(6.7 ft)109 g(8.0 ft)
Remarks: Titanium TORZITE

Eging Rod type Light Game Rods

Batuta80S is a slow taper rod when viewed as an eging rod.
It excels in jerking the entire rod like a whip and can make careful invites that take advantage of the slack when the squid are not biting aggressively.

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, high-end eging rods and light class rods have become mainstream, adopting delicate tips and extremely fast tapers.
However, Batuta80S uses regular taper blanks with some stiffness left in the tip.


The biggest feature of Batuta80S is its "moderate stiffness in the tip" and "flexibility in the butt."

Despite being a six-piece rod, the entire rod bends beautifully, allowing you to fight with small hooks and thin lines with confidence.
The butt section, which has enough power but also bends firmly, maximizes the performance of light lines, leading the target catch even when encountering occasional big fish.

In the case of the 6.7ft model, the depth of the rod's versatility is superb due to its ability to bend beautifully while still having enough stiffness.
It can be used for a wide range of fishing, from bass fishing in lakes and rivers to light games on boats.

As it shortens, it maintains its flexibility but becomes slightly sharper in feel, making it the perfect rod for fishing with delicate actions.

In addition, the shorter length improves maneuverability, making it especially comfortable to handle small lures weighing around 3g to 10g.

New Trans System

Batuta80S introduces a new variable system that is different from previous variable length systems.
In the conventional Transcendence rod, length is increased by adding new pieces.
However, this system made it difficult to lighten the light game rod, which became the biggest challenge in developing Batuta80S.

To meet the requirements of being under 110g and 8ft, the development of a new variable system was necessary.
The proposed idea was to have 6 pieces and an additional 1 piece for the bat section used in the short version.
This allowed for variable length without using an extension.

For an 8.0ft rod, the pieces required are ♯1+#2+#3+#4+#6+#G,
and for a 6.7ft rod, the pieces required are ♯1+#2+#3+#5+#G.

By not using the bat section for the short version, the rod was made even lighter.
Additionally, the taper was successfully applied to the entire rod, resulting in a more delicate and lightweight Batuta80S.

Meaning that 6.7ft and 8.0ft/Length

Batuta80S is a versatile rod that can be adjusted to two different lengths by introducing a new Trans system.
The main design length is the 8.0ft version, which is a length suitable for various light saltwater games, mainly focused on squid fishing.

In multi-piece rods, versatility is very important, and Batuta80S aims to be the standard rod for light saltwater games in Transcendence.
It is a length that can be used in all situations, from fishing on breakwaters to fishing on rocky shores and fishing in harbors.

Also, in the short version, the length changes significantly and becomes as short as 6.7ft. The reason for this is that the designers wanted a length that could be used for light games on boats, ponds, and rivers.
In freshwater fishing, 7ft is often considered long, and the same goes for fishing on boats, where longer rods are often avoided due to limited space.

The 6.7ft length is a realistic and versatile length that can be used in such situations and is right in the middle as a versatile rod.

Advantages of Batuta in Eging

Batuta80S is a rod mainly designed for use with size 3.5 Egi.
To be more specific, it is a rod that is designed to comfortably handle Egi weighing 21g or less.

In recent years, many Eging rods have been seen with small-diameter guides and extremely fast tapers.
However, in contrast to these rods, Batuta80S has a slow action with a very flexible, bendable rod blank.

Despite being a 6-piece rod, it bends smoothly and matches well with thin lines, allowing anglers to enjoy the fight with squid of any size.
It excels in creating slack in the line with whip-like movements of the entire rod, which appeals to the squid with a subtle and persistent motion without bringing the Egi too close.

Furthermore, the design, which maximizes the flexibility of the rod, creates a unique feeling that is sensitive to changes in the tide during jerking or falling.

Guide Setting

Batuta80S is the first Transcendence rod to use "All Titanium Torzite" in pursuit of lightness and comfort.

By incorporating new TRANS system and high-end guide Torzite into the rod, Batuta80S is a product that was created with the combination of all these advanced technologies.
It can be felt as soon as it is held in hand, representing the evolution of multi-piece rods.

This rod was designed with no compromise, aimed to become the one rod that all expedition anglers would take with them.

Committed to Quality

The Batuta80S was designed based on the highly adaptable Eging rod, which is known for its versatility in various fishing styles, resulting in its remarkable versatility.

To ensure that the rod could handle any fishing style without being limited to only 70 points in all, we thoroughly tested the concept of expanding the versatility beyond squid targets while prioritizing the basic performance of an Eging rod.

With maximum versatility in mind, we aimed to create a rod that could be taken anywhere and used comfortably in any situation, whether fishing at home or away.

Our main focus was on the even number of rod pieces.
We adopted a 6-piece design that could be used as a 2-piece rod for everyday use.
As a result, the collapsed length of the rod is only 460mm, which is one of the shortest in the TRANSCENDENCE series.

The extremely compact collapsed size makes it possible to quietly store the rod in the back of a bag when not using it for fishing.
It is stress-free to carry around, to the point where you might forget that you even have it with you, allowing you to enjoy other activities without interfering with the joy of unexpected fishing opportunities.

Despite being a long Middle & Light Game rod, it proposes a new way of enjoying fishing that was previously unimaginable due to its short collapsed length.

BATUTA80S is not only for Eging/Other Use

Although Batuta80S was developed mainly for Eging, its versatility is astonishingly high.

TRANSCENDENCE testers use Batuta80S in various fishing styles, making it the most frequently used rod.

For example, in Tokyo Bay, it is used for Seabass game in ports and rivers, Mebaru game on breakwaters and light rocky areas, Hirasuzuki game from the surf and Bass fishing on shore.

It excels in various situations. The strength and goodness of Batuta80S lie in its ability to fully support the user's fishing with the rod, making it an essential tool for any angler.

Tester Impressions

Batuta80/67S is a multi-piece rod developed to meet the demand for a serious eging rod that can be used in a variety of situations.
The Transcendence testers use the Batuta80S in a wide range of fishing scenarios, such as seabus game in ports and rivers in Tokyo Bay, mebaru game on breakwaters and light rocky areas, hirame game from the surf, and bass fishing on land.
The versatility of the Batuta80S is its greatest strength, as it can support users in a wide range of fishing situations.

The idea for the Batuta80/67S came from the desire to have a multi-piece rod that would allow users to enjoy fishing even when away from home.
The team wanted to create a rod that could be used for everyday fishing as well as serious eging. One of the main features they focused on was the ability to sense the movement of the tide.
Thanks to its unique setup, the Batuta80S allows users to feel the subtle changes in resistance caused by the tide when jerking or falling the egi.
This is particularly important when targeting active feeding Japanese flying squid that react to changes in the tide.

The Batuta80S was also designed to work well with lures other than egi.
Its action allows for easy manipulation of jerk baits, darts, lifts & falls, making it a versatile option for anglers who use a range of lures.

Overall, the Batuta80/67S is a rod that embodies the Transcendence spirit of being more than just an eging rod.

The name "Batuta" comes from the image of a conductor's baton, as the rod is meant to be a tool for users to manipulate lures and connect with their targets in a meaningful way.

Takato Yamada

I have a rod that I never let go of wherever I go throughout the year.
Its name is Batuta80S.

From egging to light-middle games such as bottom winding and chinning, as well as sea bass using small bait patterns or bat escape patterns with lightweight lures, it is versatile enough for both local fishing and expeditions, as well as targeting sub-targets.
It is truly a rod that embodies the word versatile.
It would fit perfectly with fishing that uses 0.5-0.8 PE line.

The development started with the desire for a multi-piece rod for egging.
It can handle 2.5 to 4.0 egging sizes comfortably from autumn to spring seasons.

What is noteworthy about egging is its high performance in sensing the flow of the tide. It senses the tide with the resistance when moving the egi firmly and does not miss the moment when the squid's activity increases.
Also, unlike many other mainstream egging rods in recent years, it can handle top games using bottom winding or small topwater plugs with tip sections that have moderate tension and twitching or jerking with small minnows in a high-dimensional way.

The packed size is a short 460mm among the Transcendence rods.
It is not hard to imagine the greatness of having such a highly versatile rod compactly fitted in your bag and meeting many fish that are yet to come.
From everyday fishing to railway, aircraft, and sea travel.
I hope that whoever holds this rod will be able to touch as many fish species as possible.

Keisuke Doi