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Versatile Spinning Pack Rod

The Mistral-XX was developed with the aim of creating a spinning version of the LB510+.

The Mistral-XX is a versatile spinning rod that focuses on all types of boat games both domestically and internationally.
Developed with an eye towards overseas markets, the Mistral-XX is designed to confront all targets using various lures.
The rod features firm, muscular blanks.

Mistral blanks employ a multi-axis structure that can apply tension to fish by bending.
The characteristic of the multi-axis structure contributes to the ability to handle a variety of lures.

The highly elastic Mistral-XX can directly transmit input power and is ideal for fishing with operating systems such as jerking.
It is the perfect rod for all game fish, from boat sea bass games and kayak games to overseas peacock bass, barramundi, and toman games.


Length: 5.2-7.5 ft
Closed Length: 525 mm
Piece: 5 + Grip
CastWeight: 15 - 56 g
Line: PE #1.5 - 4
Remarks: SiC + titanium torzite guides (subject to change without notice).

Versatile Spinning Pack Rod

After five years of aiming to create a versatile spinning pack rod, the Mistral-XX was born after repeated testing.
Our goal was to create a spinning pack rod that could be recognized globally.

Mistral developed the rod from both domestic and international perspectives.
In Japan, we focused on developing a rod for boat games such as boat sea bass and sawara games, as well as kayak games with a low position.
For overseas markets, we considered large freshwater fish eaters and designed the blanks accordingly.
In particular, when fishing offshore rather than shore, encountering unknown targets is not uncommon.
Therefore, Mistral has the potential to firmly withstand the power of fish even in such situations.

Furthermore, cast accuracy is often required for Mistral's target fish.
The blanks of Mistral have tension, which allows for a sharp and quick swing, making it ideal for targeting pinpointed or boiling fish.

Mistral-68S | 70S

We have developed two lengths, 68S and 70S, for the kayak game, boat sea bass game, and light casting game.
The bat section of Mistral 68S needed to balance high elasticity and power of carbon at a high level to ensure the success of the game.

The targets for kayaks and rowboats are diverse, and encounters with monster fish are not uncommon.
We believed it was necessary to create blanks that anglers can trust and feel confident that they can handle with Mistral.

To ensure a length and power that anglers can feel confident in, we designed a bat section that is about 62mm longer than other packing dimensions.
We created a section design that can be bent with confidence.
Adding a section increases the effective length and changes the point of flex.
As a result, it becomes a rod with a different feel than other lengths.
For 70S, please vary the length of the grip extension depending on the target or lure.


When you want to cast even further with the 68S and 70S, adding an extension creates the Mistral75S configuration.
The 7.5ft length becomes effective when you need distance, such as when you want to cast heavy minnows or pencils for shore fishing, or in situations where you want to do boil shooting or search a wide area by boat.


The length developed as the world standard for short casting games is 5.9ft. This length is optimal for comfortable casting, lure action, and fighting in all types of boat games.
We have made it possible to achieve the three elements of the world's fish eaters: Sasou, Kakeru, and Toru, at high levels with lures of all ranges.
It is the ultimate spinning bar style model that we send to anglers who want to challenge peacock bass, barramundi, and toman with spinning reels.

It is also comfortable for short casting games such as mangrove jack and mackerel from kayaks.

The guide adopts RV guide, allowing reels in the 3000-4000 class to smoothly release the line.
If you use a larger reel, the line will not converge smoothly, and the distance of the cast will decrease.


This is the grip extension model of the 59S, which allows for an underarm grip and is designed for targets that require a strong grip to face unexpected large fish with just the wrist.

It is set up for targets that require a strong underarm grip, such as those that require a strong grip to pull the lure away during a sudden intense bite or light jigging.
The weight of the jig is assumed to be around 100-150g.


The 5.2ft model of the Mistral is a super short version. You may think it's not usable because the distance from the reel seat to the first guide is short, but it's comfortable to use for short distance casts and pitching.

The reel size that can be used is up to around 3000 for spinning reels, but the benefits of RV guides are significant.
This is a new form of variable pack rod that can only be achieved by the taut and muscular Mistral.

For bait reels, it depends on the height of the level winder, but the model used for testing is usable without any problems.


This is a triggerless bait model designed for light jigging from a kayak.
By extending the grip more than the 52 model, it enables an underarm grip.
It can be used for light jigging from a kayak as long as it has a small reel and can be firmly palmed.

In addition, it can also be used as a spinning rod that requires underarm grip for fighting fish.

Guide Setting

The development of Mistral-XX owes a great deal to the RV guides that were set up by former guides.
The presence of these two RV guides is what makes Mistral-XX possible.
By placing these guides in the appropriate positions, we were able to create nine different patterns from a single rod.
This is a significant advantage for anglers who can challenge fishing by changing the length of their rod during expeditions.

Tester Impressions

Power spinning, which is versatile for both domestic and international fishing.

My life's work is to float my kayak on bodies of water both domestically and internationally and cast my fishing rod.

I have faced a variety of fish while sitting on my kayak, such as trevally and large grouper hiding in the roots of reefs in the Southwest Islands, sea bass targeted with big baits, and Asian snakeheads.

The main characteristics I seek in a fishing rod for kayak fishing are strength, high operability, and versatility.
Kayak fishing is a unique form of fishing where one must fish while sitting in the boat, which limits the movement of the body.

Kayaks can venture into shallow areas and offshore points inaccessible from the shore, and sometimes surprisingly large fish can be caught without the pressure of a motor.
However, a rod must not only be strong, but also have the ability to delicately move a minnow or topwater plug to bring in a catch.
The flexibility of the Mistral's belly and tip contributes to its ability to aim precisely even from the kayak, and its high operability.

A flexible rod reduces the strain on the body during casting and fighting, allowing for long hours of fishing on the sea.
Additionally, the grip on the long version of the rod, which may appear long at first glance, is optimal in length and shape for rod action and fighting while the rod end is wedged under the armpit.

Furthermore, with its variable and tenacious blank, it can handle a wide range of lures, from less than 10g to 2 ounces, from the bottom to the water's surface.
This versatility is a significant advantage in kayak fishing, where the number of rods that can be brought is limited.

In addition, it has been widely used for large bait patterns in trout fishing in lakes and rivers, as well as boat casting domestically and internationally.

This is a rod that I would highly recommend taking to water bodies all over the world.


The potential of a spinning pack rod

"I want a spinning rod that can be used for any target overseas.
I had been holding onto that idea for seven years.
I finally created a rod that had the mechanism, length, and versatility that I wanted.
People who are not familiar with bait rods may think that there are limited options for rods in overseas freshwater areas.
As I traveled abroad while working in the travel industry, the necessary elements and desired specifications finally came together, and the concept was formed. In light games, rods such as the Botia62S and the 6.7ft version of the Batuta have been added to the Transcendence lineup.
The concept is a versatile rod that can catch memorial fish.
We aimed to create a rod that is thick, torqueful, and can withstand the power of any target.
To catch memorial fish overseas, it is essential to be able to work diving pencils and large minnows with good action. The blanks performance, which can handle pinpoint casts, hits, and fights without anxiety, is also essential.
In addition, in the case of spinning rods, it is more challenging to make them into multi-piece rods than bait rods, so it took some time to figure out the combinations.
As a result, reel size, line number, and line capacity need to be adjusted each time, but the rod has been completed, which can be enjoyed in all lengths and styles from 5.2ft to 7.5ft.
I would like to use it not only for kayak games in domestic reefs and mangroves but also for casting seabass and sawara, blade games, light casting games for kingfish and bonito, and overseas barramundi, toman, peacock bass, and talayrakshasa games.
Please try out the finally completed power spinning rod, Mistral-XX."