[REVIVE] Funnel Carbon Handle

[REVIVE] Funnel Carbon Handle

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New Color Gun Blue

Mixed colors of gunmetal and navy are easy to match with reels.

Product Description

World's lightest ultimate single handle
Tuned model exclusively for area trout, named "Funnel"

The RMR carbon handle series, which has been highly praised by area meisters for its numerous achievements, has been refined for area-specific use.
By reviewing and redesigning each component, we succeeded in reducing the weight by approximately 35%.
Weight with knob 12g (for DAIWA).
Adopted high precision carbon tube made in Japan, and carbon tube is shaped specifically for the area.
By designing the boss skirt part exclusively for the No. 2000 class and changing the angle of the carbon tube, we succeeded in shortening the boss skirt part while moving the knob position even closer to the handle side.
Improved rewinding feeling and significant weight reduction have been achieved.

Pro Staff Column

ZPI Area Trout Pro Staff Yudai Ito
Written November 2014

Hello everyone.
Area tournament sponsored by management-fishing-area.com.
He also won the 2014 series with flying colors.
We were able to win the annual overall championship for the fourth year in a row.
Now, an indispensable part of the tackle that supports such good performance is the "Funnel," a custom handle specially designed for the area.
It combines lightness that does not interfere with the retrieve feel and high rigidity that does not cause anxiety even when fishing with a lot of handle-intensive twisting and turning.
I would like to share my methodology on how to choose a handle length.

- First of all, it is important to understand the characteristics of each handle.

Short handle features

- Winding becomes heavier (lower winding torque).
- The compact handle circumference facilitates a constant slow retrieve.
- Water flow resistance of the lure, making it easier to feel the bite of the fish.
- From the above points, "performance to bite" is excellent.

Long handle features

- Winding becomes lighter (winding torque increases).
- It is easier to apply a large force instantaneously during hooking.
- When fishing, it is possible to bring fish in smoothly.
- From the above points, the "performance of processing the bytes that come out" is excellent.

- Choose the handle length that best suits your ideals/issues!

Based on the above,
if you find it difficult to wind the spoon in a constant manner, if you want to fish while feeling slight changes in the swimming motion of a lightweight spoon, or if you want to feel bites without fail, you should shorten the handle.
If you want to handle a lure with strong water resistance more nimbly, or if you want to fight without letting the fish take the initiative, you need to lengthen the handle!
Naturally, the optimum length will vary with each person's physique, hand size, and reeling style.
It would be a good idea to determine the range of retrieve lengths that you are comfortable with, and then adjust the length of the handle according to what you want to do a little more of.

Pro Staff Column

ZPI Trout Technical Advisor
Yukio Matsumoto Professional

The most important thing I do in area trout is to get the right answer.
To achieve this, it is important to operate the equipment as one imagines it should be operated, and the tools used will vary from person to person.
For example, differences in reel gear ratios, differences in physique, winding habits, etc., will result in handle lengths that will and will not fit when winding a certain amount.
Here are my thoughts on the use of different handle lengths.

- Use of Funnels

When I first started seriously competing in area trout tournaments, I was using a DAIWA SILVER CREEK Z.
There is no doubt that the feeling I had at that time is based in my mind.
The reels of that time had lower winding torque than current models of DAIWA Real 4 and SHIMANO reels, but they were very sensitive.
The sensitivity to feel the pull resistance of the spoon and the manipulation of the spoon until the fish bites were based on the normal length of 50 mm, so that feeling is my base.

The current reels are used at 40mm in terms of Funnels because of the higher winding torque, which in my mind is equal to the 50mm of the Z series at that time.
This is my basic length, and I vary the length of the handle depending on how I fish.

Apart from the 40mm that I use for winding fishing, I use the 50mm Funnel for PE fishing, e.g. bottom bumps and vertical - fishing methods where rod manipulation is the main focus, such as metal vibes.
I use SHIMANO's HG (high gear) for this type of fishing, but the increased gear ratio requires a longer handle, so I think 50mm is best for the Funnel.
In my opinion, a handle is only suitable for you when the way you wind, the sensitivity transmitted to the handle, and the action you take after hooking the fish are well coordinated with each other.

Ideal 45mm handle
My handle usage
40mm for winding fishing, 50mm for fishing with high gear reels with rod operation main.
We consider 45 mm to be ideal when one unit does it all.
We hope that you too will get a handle that suits you and lead to better fishing results.


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